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After you request your free site audit, we will go through this process: 

  1. Preparation Call: Quick 15 minute introduction
  2. Customize and Set-Up the Site Audit & Crawl: 10-minute process that can include your technical team as needed 
  3. Provide a Site Health Report:
    • Address current situation and provide detail project list
    • Recommendations: includes insights, project ideas, and next steps.

Common Questions

How much does seoClarity cost?

seoClarity is a SEO platform that includes all capabilities, metrics, and data for the entire SEO lifecycle. 

It starts at $3,000/month, but varies based on the number of domains and keywords tracked (daily or weekly) as well as discounts for bulk keyword tracking, multi-year agreements, etc. It includes dedicated client-success manager, SEO Professional Services, and analytics integration.

There's additional information on the cost of an SEO platform with some guidelines on pricing that goes into more details to help determine if seoClarity is a fit for your budget.

What Client Support and SEO Consultant Services are included?

We have two components to our "Managed Services" capabilities. First, each client is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager who proactively oversees all aspects of our relationship with the client and serves as the Success Coach. They undertake all aspects of SEO strategy, planning and execution, workflows and training.

Additionally, our Professional Services Team consists of expert consultants with 10+ years of hands-on experience each. Each client is provided strategic planning and advisory services to accelerate key initiatives, improve internal capabilities, and assistance building out an SEO Center of Excellence through this team.

Professional Services are included in every one of our client engagement by default and form part of our core offering. This is to ensure that every client has everything possible to be successful - from best of breed technology capabilities, to personalized success coach and expert human help.

Read more about support offered with every seoClarity subscription

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*To qualify for the assessment, your organization must have at least one dedicated SEO team member and a content marketing team.