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Over 3,500 brands, enterprises and agencies are growing their business with seoClarity.


After you request your free site audit, we will go through this process: 

  1. Preparation Call: Quick 15 minute introduction
  2. Customize and Set-Up the Site Audit & Crawl: 10-minute process that can include your technical team as needed 
  3. Provide a Site Health Report:
    • Address current situation and provide detail project list
    • Recommendations: includes insights, project ideas, and next steps.

seoClarity experts will provide the final insights and tasks

Andy Piper
Solutions Architect + SEO Specialist
As Sr. Solutions Architect, Andy leverages his 10 years of SEO experience to identify real world solutions to SEO challenges leveraging seoClarity. In his previous role at seoClarity, he worked as a Client Success Manager where he was able to work hand-in-hand with clients to identify their use-cases and address them using the platform.

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*To qualify for the assessment, your organization must have at least one dedicated SEO team member and a content marketing team.