In the world of SEO, we know how challenging it is to tackle tedious, repetitive tasks that eat up your valuable time and energy. 

From organizing keywords into groups to writing titles and meta descriptions, these tasks are impactful but often drain your productivity and prevent you from focusing on more specialized analyses and operations.

That's where ChatGPT comes in. In this article, we’ll explore how generative AI can help SEOs overcome the challenges of executing SEO busy work

Get ready to reclaim your time and achieve exceptional results like never before!

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The Challenges of Completing SEO “Busy Work”

Let’s begin by diving into some of the main challenges that prevent SEOs from completing tasks that don’t necessarily require a ton of skill or expertise.


Lack of Resources

Many SEO teams are under-resourced and responsible for 30% or more of revenue. As a result, they often prioritize spending their efforts on more specialized strategies, leaving mundane, “mindless” SEO tasks on the back burner.

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Justifying the Time Investment

SEO busy work like translating or organizing and grouping keywords is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. 

Because of this, it’s often difficult to justify investing a significant amount of time to complete them. Especially when manually handling these tasks one by one may not have an immediate impact. 

As a result, these tasks often get deprioritized or pushed to the side indefinitely. But aggregate tasks like these will have a significant impact on reporting and CTR if done correctly.


Staying Organized In the Midst of Data Overload

The challenge of organizing vast amounts of data exacerbates the situation. Data overload hampers the ability to keep large-scale SEO tasks organized. 

For example, it’s extremely difficult to stay on top of manual keyword tagging and grouping for thousands or even millions of pages when inventories constantly change, new products launch, or seasons fluctuate and customer demands change.


Mindless SEO Tasks You Can Instantly Execute At Scale Using ChatGPT in seoClarity

To overcome the above challenges and implement SEO strategies that are easy to put off due to a lack of time and resources, we’ve developed some powerful AI-driven solutions.


Translating Mass Amounts of Keywords

In the global SEO landscape, multinational enterprises managing websites outside of their native language and country must translate keywords manually or with Google Translate.

Doing so is crucial for tracking keyword performance to improve rankings in different regions beyond the location of their centralized SEO team. 

To accomplish this important and time-consuming task in a matter of minutes, look no further than seoClarity’s ChatGPT-powered SEO assistant, Sia. 



By simply entering some basic parameters, you have the ability to translate every keyword in your account to the language of your choice. Then, all of the translated keywords get automatically uploaded into the platform for you to view in Rank Intelligence.


Grouping Pages and Keywords in Bulk

SEO segmentation empowers you to report on specific segments of your site, identify opportunities, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

But manually categorizing pages on huge enterprise sites for better reporting and analysis is easier said than done.

With seoClarity’s ChatGPT-powered dynamic segmentation capabilities, organizing data becomes a breeze. 


By using AI, tagging or grouping to automatically identify patterns in keywords such as city names, entities, brand names, or virtually any other category you can think of.

Then, simply press the “Execute” button to tag the keywords in your specified group for quick and easy segmentation.


Writing Titles and Meta Descriptions For Thousands of Pages

Writing titles and meta descriptions on a site with hundreds of thousands of pages is extremely time-consuming. 

An SEO needs to analyze competitors, identify patterns and gaps, and then write creative and engaging content. Or they could just enlist the help of generative AI to automate their SEO strategy.



seoClarity references your target keywords, gathers information on your competitors and uses ChatGPT to write optimized titles and meta descriptions in bulk. 

All you have to do is select the pre-made task, enter your parameters, review the suggestions, and deploy.

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How Is This Possible?

Sound too good to be true? Let us explain.

The bulk actions listed above are made possible by the scalable framework we built around Sia. 



By leveraging this framework, Sia effortlessly integrates with all accessible data points and capabilities, giving you the power to precisely define the desired actions for it to undertake in your SEO process.

Watch how Sia helps complete SEO busy work in bulk


The Future of Executing Tedious SEO Tasks at Scale

The bulk actions we covered in this piece are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll continue rolling out instantly-scalable solutions for your most tedious and time-consulting SEO tasks. 

Ultimately, we’ll provide an entire library of pre-made actions that you can customize and implement at scale with just a few clicks.

To learn more about how seoClarity can help you accomplish your SEO goals, schedule a free customized demo today.