2016 Highlights: seoClarity New Product Releases

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While 2015 was a banner year for the sheer number of features seoClarity released, 2016 was just as eventful! With more than 75 product releases last year, seoClarity platform users saw a huge impact with new functionality, more tools, widgets, dashboard, and greater insights to help our clients save time, access even more data, and gain solutions connected to relevant use cases from more than 2,500 brands.

Because the year flew by, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out, so we compiled our top five favorite feature releases. As we look back and determined these, we considered these key elements. Our top features needed to:

  • Impact the greatest number of users based on client feedback
  • Provide insightful analytics data with actionable plans
  • Affect a use case provided by a client(s) that resulted in time-savings

NOTE: Enhancements to existing features weren’t considered for this list.

Top 2016 Feature Release Highlights

Beyond the enhancements made to our standard features, we added brand new features and functionality to help our clients optimize for search visibility and deliver results for their organization.

Here are the highlights of five of the most impactful seoClarity feature releases from this past year.

    1. Dynamic Tagging
      Our dynamic tagging system allows for users to setup rules for keyword additions, so you can set it and forget it.


    1. Universal Rank Types
      We added a number of new ways to look at the different opportunities with the SERP features including:

      • Answer Box
      • App Results in mobile search
      • Image
      • Local Listings
      • Map
      • News
      • PLA
      • PPC
      • People Also Ask
      • Video


    1. Rankings by Page Type
      Correlation is a huge part of SEO analysis and what better way to do that then by identifying the cause and effect of rankings on traffic changes based on different site sections.featurerelease-rankingbypagetype


    1. Simcheck
      With our new Simcheck feature, you can compare content between pages to determine how similar they are and find duplication before it becomes an issue.releasenotes simcheck widgets


  1. Research Database
    We made a number of updates to our Competitor Keywords feature. This included a historical trend, provided PPC insights, added a top competitors view which expanded to the top 100 results. In addition, we updated the number of domains that you can compare to five and added our Wisdom of the Crowds view.


Coming Up

As the ever talented lyricist Sean Carter once said, “On to the next one”… a perfect match to our product hungry mindset as we can continue to look at ways to improve and build-on the technology we offer to our users.

We have even bigger plans for 2017 including the evolution of Dynamic Tagging in our full Keyword Portfolio. All of our feature releases are based on requests and feedback that we receive from our users. Our clients can make suggestions in our Feature Request forum, and follow our Release Notes forum to get the latest updates of feature releases.

Not a client yet? We’d love to show you these amazing features from 2016 and how they can give you an edge above your competition to truly impact your results. Take just 15 minutes and get a sneak peak of the releases coming in 2017. You can request a demo here or email sales@seoclarity.net.

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