It’s no secret that switching to a different SEO platform can be challenging.

Transferring historical data, learning new workflows, and adapting existing SEO strategies are just a few of the ways changing platforms can disrupt ongoing optimization efforts. 

And these well-known challenges are just the tip of the iceberg. Many platforms hide various hurdles – from hidden costs to lost data – throughout the process that make switching even harder.

But the migration process doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. 

Below, we’ll go over four things most SEO platforms don’t tell you about switching platforms, and how seoClarity makes it easy to migrate over in just two business days.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!


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Secret #1: High Fees For Historical Ranking Exports

Something many SEO platforms and tools don’t tell you is that you’ll have to pay a significant amount of money to extract your historical ranking data (which many point solutions only store six months of) when switching to a new platform. 

Wait, isn’t that your data that you’ve already paid for? Yep. We think it’s unfair too. 

If you’re switching to seoClarity, we make it easy to bring over your historical data from your previous provider. We’ll have this done in just two weeks or less to minimize downtime in reporting during the transition.

We also give you easy access to your historical ranking data at no additional cost. We’re not trying to trap you. That's why we provide dozens of options to download your rankings directly from the platform - whether it is your own rankings, rankings of your competitors, or even just the raw ranking results from the SERPs for maximum data coverage. 

And if you need to complete a more advanced or specialized data extract, our Technical Support Team will be there to help.

Learn more about this process on our ranking data API page.


Secret #2: Artificial Limits on Site Analytics Integrations

Speaking of data integrations, most platforms will also charge big bucks to import site analytics data - especially historical data.

Just how much data they include often depends on the size of the client, but we don’t like placing artificial limits on such a crucial aspect of your SEO strategy.

At seoClarity, by default at no additional charge, we include 13 months of historical data migration from Google Analytics and other analytics tools in our Professional plan.

Find more information about what our packages include on our pricing page


Secret #3: Limits and Fees for Integrating GSC Data

When switching SEO platforms, the seamless integration of Google Search Console (GSC) data is essential to identify trends, valuable insights, and content opportunities.

But many SEO tools limit the amount of GSC data you can import before imposing hefty fees (noticing a trend?)

seoClarity, on the other hand, offers free integration with Search Console Bulk Exports in BigQuery for ALL available data looking back a historical 16 months. This includes every keyword query and page as well as all performance data (aside from anonymized queries which are filtered out for privacy). 

If you opt to import data from Google Search Console's Bulk Export to BigQuery, we'll incorporate all available data from your integration date onwards at no extra cost for clients with 500K rows or less in bulk exports.

Keep in mind that Google only starts populating data from the integration day. So if you've utilized BigQuery for 6 months, we'll bring that 6 months of data into the platform.


Secret #4: Short-Term Support

A platform’s capabilities are only valuable if you actually know how to use them to their full potential. 

But many SEO tools and platforms only offer support during the initial onboarding period. After that, you’re pretty much left on your own to figure things out.

At seoClarity, we invest more in our partnerships than other tool providers and provide more standard support out of the box than any other SEO tool.

Your success is our success, which is why the following teams will work alongside you as your needs evolve over time – from onboarding to your day-to-day platform use.

  1. Client Success: Every seoClarity client is paired with a dedicated Client Success Manager who understands their unique needs and helps them make the most of the platform.
  2. Professional Advisory Services: Our professional advisory services team acts as an extension of yours. Backed with 10+ years of SEO experience, they are always available to bounce off SEO questions, get a second opinion, or even help with thinking through SEO challenges.
  3. Technical Support Services (TSS): This team plays a key role in integrating your domain into the platform. They set up technical integrations and data enablement, manage tickets and our feature request forum, and address custom requests.

We also offer a free certification program to further empower your team to achieve optimal SEO success using our platform – a value that other SEO tools often charge an onboarding fee for. 

Learn more about the ongoing support that we offer to our clients. 



Before choosing a platform, it’s important to be aware of these hurdles that are often only revealed after you’ve signed on the dotted line. Otherwise, you might get stuck with a platform that offers limited support and charges high fees for your historical data. 

At seoClarity, we provide you with the resources that you need to be successful from the very beginning – from ongoing training to unrestricted data imports. And if you ever need to cancel your subscription, we’ll provide you with easy access to your data so you can achieve SEO success wherever you end up next.

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