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Clarity Academy Foundations, phase one of our User Certification Program, is now available.

And it's free for seoClarity users!

Everything you need to know to get up and running in seoClarity with the most essential SEO tasks and functions.

Important: Foundations is designed for users relatively new to SEO or the seoClarity platform. If you're a more experienced SEO you might want to wait for our Advanced certification, coming soon.

Clarity Academy Foundations courses:

  • Keyword Research

  • Performance Tracking

  • The Content Optimization Framework

  • How to Build an SEO Strategy

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Take just the courses you need, or take all four to become a Clarity Academy Foundations Certified User!

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Advanced Certification Coming Soon!

"With so much SEO information and training available online today, Clarity Academy stands out with its real life examples, easy-to-digest bits of information, and clear instruction on seoClarity's features. Highly recommended for any SEOs looking to advance their skills in general SEO, gain proficiency in seoClarity, or both!"

Adam Di Frisco - Atigro


Clarity Academy Curriculum

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Keyword Research

  • Understanding the seoClarity Keyword Research Framework™
  • How to build an initial keyword list with Research Grid
  • How to source the Wisdom of the Crowds with Content Gaps
  • How to expand keyword relevance and reach with Topic Explorer
  • How to use Topic Explorer for content ideation
  • How to research Answer Box opportunities

Performance Tracking

  • Understanding the core rank tracking capabilities 
  • How to use basic tracking metrics and segmentation options
  • How to use tagging for advanced segmentation of data and reports
  • Understanding your true competitive landscape

The Content Optimization Framework

  • Understanding the seoClarity Content Optimization Framework™
  • How to use the Planting stage
  • How to use the Growth stage
  • How use the Decay and Refresh stages

Building an SEO Strategy

  • Understanding the Search Experience Framework™
  • Using a pragmatic approach to scaling SEO
  • How to assess your current state of affairs
  • How to defend your most valuable keywords
  • How to improve your poor-performing keywords
  • How to grow your keyword universe
  • How to recoup your keywords that dropped out of ranking
  • How to move from assessment to action
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