Our first-ever Release Week is in the books, and it was an exciting week at that!

We doubled-down on our recent $30MM commitment to our technology in innovative ways to continue our focus on AI, machine learning, and helping enterprises accelerate the time to results. 

And our clients were buzzing about what they saw each day:

“[Release Week] is great! Excited to use True Demand.” 

“The traffic mix feature is a great enhancement - I love it!” 

“I’ve been following the Release week announcements
and… the new features are fantastic additions to the platform!" 

“I have never seen any other tools be so truly agile and incorporate
user feedback so rapidly and consistently as seoClarity does…”

It all speaks to the core of why we did Release Week: seoClarity is focused on innovation that solves real SEO challenges for our clients.

Here’s a recap of what you might have missed. 

Traffic Mix Analysis  

Release Week started off with a bang as we unveiled Traffic Mix Analysis. It provides an easy way to analyze the performance of SEO relative to all other marketing channels. 

Unlike ordinary site analytics tools, it makes it easy to segment by different site groups like URL pattern, content types, etc. In addition, you can compare and contrast with trended views by week, month, quarter, or year.

As SEO teams vie for a large part of their companies marketing budgets, this allows SEOs to understand their ROI as compared to other channels. 

Read the announcement on Traffic Mix Analysis: Analyze How SEO Stacks Up Against All Other Channels


True Demand™ 

True Demand™ provides the world’s freshest and most accurate alternative to Google’s keyword search volume, showing search volume data weeks or even months before Google and other tools.

And, our proprietary clickstream data from 30+ billion keywords allows us to create statistical modeling to calculate these estimated search volume trends. 

This offers greater specificity in the search volume estimates, as opposed to the broad range or zero demand that Google provides.

Incredible, right? Many of our clients who tried it last week think so!

Take a look at the most accurate alternative to Google’s Keyword Search Volume


Clarity 360

Our most epic announcement of Release Week was the world’s first SEO intelligence cloud, Clarity 360. 

It enables SEOs to analyze ALL the metrics for every URL in a single view, no matter the data source it comes from—server logs, search console, site analytics, rankings, backlinks, and beyond.

Clarity 360 aligns all SEO data into specific stages of optimization, allowing users to discover and prioritize issues and opportunities that until now remained hidden to SEOs.

Read more about this industry-first innovation, and trade SEO tunnel vision for full-funnel vision with Clarity 360.


ClarityAutomate™ Link Optimizer

Most SEOs know that building relevant internal links is an effective way to help users and search engines alike navigate and crawl their site more efficiently; but building and maintaining those links at scale is hard.

This is why we built Link Optimizer from ClarityAutomate™, fully automating the entire process of internal link building from start to finish.

Link Optimizer analyzes, creates, and publishes deep links to increase discoverability and expand ranking opportunities—with your complete control.

Read how you can automate your internal linking with Link Optimizer


Research Grid API

Research Grid API from seoClarity’s Data Services offering unfettered access to a deep ocean of keyword and URL metrics.

Backed by seoClarity’s Research Grid™, it offers:

  • 500+ million keywords & growing
  • 90+ countries
  • Both Google desktop + mobile, rank checked every month
  • 7+ years of historical data

And, it’s available to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are an seoClarity client, with access to breadth of metrics.

Think of the possibilities for data scientists, engineers, and SEOs alike! Research Grid API opens the doors to:

  • Conducting deep competitive research
  • Assessing Total Addressable Market, 
  • Overlaying with other data sources or anything else you can dream of!

Research Grid API is just the first of a whole series of APIs that will be available to the entire SEO community, so stay tuned. 

Learn more about our breadth and depth of keyword data or get right to work with a deep ocean of data with Research Grid API.


What’s Next

If you missed the excitement, we have great news—Release Week is only the beginning of all that’s ahead around these announcements with more to come this year from seoClarity.

Stay informed of all our innovations on this and future Release Weeks, or sign up a demo to see how our innovations can resolve your greatest SEO challenges. 

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