Marketers have long relied on Google Ads Keyword Planner as a source for search volume data, but many have noticed concerning discrepancies.

Take this example from Keyword Planner that shows the same search volume for iPhone 1, iPhones 11, and iPhone 11 as it does for iPhone 12:


Or, this example that shows zero search volume from Google, when in reality that is not the case.

Inaccuracies like this are exactly why we built True Demand™, providing the world’s most accurate alternative to Google’s keyword search volume.


What is True Demand™?

True Demand leverages 3+ years of clickstream data from 30+ billion keywords and fills the gaps, fixes the inaccuracies, and provides the search volume granularity that has been lost over the last several years from Keyword Planner. 

Some of the ways our clients are using True Demand include: 

  1. Revealing the differences in search volume for slight variations of keywords indistinguishable by Google’s search volume estimates 
  2. Uncovering the real search demand for keywords that Google Ads shows as zero, reversing an alarming rise in the number of keywords where Google Ads purposely hides the search volume data 
  3. Understanding search volume estimates for new and rising keywords long before Google shares that data

Following the above iPhone example, users can see a side-by-side comparison of the search volume from Keyword Planner vs. the most accurate search volume in the industry provided by True Demand. 


And, in this example, where Google Keyword Planner showed zero search volume, True Demand provides accurate search volume data. 

Zero Search Volume Example

A Sophisticated Prediction Model

In testing for over a year, True Demand search volume is remarkably fresh and shows search volume data weeks or even months before Google and other tools.

Our proprietary clickstream data allows us to create a statistical modeling to calculate these estimated search volume trends, making way for more specificity in the search volume estimates, as opposed to the broad range or zero demand that Google provides.

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The World’s Most Accurate Search Volume

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