When it comes to reporting on organic performance, enterprise SEOs go head-to-head with other traffic channels. 

How can you prove the value of SEO when pay-per-click, social media, and even email vie for your company’s marketing budget?

This is why we built Traffic Mix Analysis, a centralized way to see the performance of SEO relative to other traffic channels. 


What is Traffic Mix Analysis?

Traffic Mix Analysis provides a way to analyze the performance of SEO relative to all other marketing channels. It slices, dices, and analyzes with groupings and segmentation important in SEO.

Not to mention the ease of use, speed, and unique capabilities available in Site Analytics that doesn’t exist in other analytics tools. 

With Traffic Mix Analysis, users can apply those same advanced analysis capabilities to ALL their traffic sources, allowing you to do things like:

  • Apply a page tag and see how much traffic organic SEO contributed to that group of pages vs. other channels.
  • Filter the traffic mix contribution by Content Types, helping understand how important SEO is to driving traffic across your funnel compared to other mediums.
  • Leverage regex patterns and many other filter options to analyze any segment of your site
  • Reveal gaps or opportunities where certain mediums are outperforming or underperforming compared to organic

Traffic Analysis You Can’t Do With Analytics Tools

Traffic Mix Analysis allows you to filter more deeply than any other platform or tool.

The trended and compare views by week, month, quarter, or year shows performance over time and can lead users to explore and learn things like:

  • Why there was a spike in organic traffic when other channels stayed level
  • Why other traffic channels have grown so much in the last year

The additional context provided by Traffic Mix Analysis is paving the way for our users to more granularly understand the true ROI of their SEO efforts, leading to better SEO forecasting.

Prove the Value of Your Organic Channel

Justify more investment in your SEO program when you let your traffic mix do the talking. Clients can start today by visiting Site Analytics in the platform.

Not a current client but curious about the context of all of your traffic data? Schedule a demo with seoClarity today and take your traffic data to a new level with all the data and insights you need in one solution.

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