supports seniors and caregivers in selecting the best care products and services. When their SEO team noticed a decrease in click-through rate, they used Visibility Share for a clear picture of changes in the search landscape.

Challenge: Significant Decrease in CTR Over Time

Avril Langevine, Director of SEO at, noticed a dip in organic traffic for top-performing terms despite maintaining rankings YoY.

The team conducted an analysis to determine the exact cause of this decrease. Their hypothesis was that the more and more SERP features and rich results were pushing down the organic web results. 

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Solution: Clear Picture of the SERP With Visual Rank Tracking

The team used seoClarity’s Visibility Share to measure pixel depth of the SERP and understand true share of visibility for their keywords, domains, and competitors.

An analysis using Visibility Share showed the team that the People Also Ask SERP feature appeared more frequently for their top keywords than it did a year ago. 

“We were able to drill down and see that whenever the People Also Ask feature appeared within the top five results, our CTR decreased versus when it didn’t appear in the SERP,” Avril said. 

This confirmed the hypothesis between the YoY decrease in performance and an increase in Google SERP features appearing in search results.

“It made sense that we saw a decline in our CTR because we didn’t have the opportunity to be in the first fold,” Avril said. 

With that, the SEO team at adjusted their content strategy and included additional tactics for schema implementation to reclaim their visibility in the SERP.

Visibility Share is the only rank tracking tool that allows brands to translate rank position into a true visual rank and gives SEOs a convenient way to: 

  • Measure SERP visibility by pixel depth
  • Understand actual visibility of keywords
  • Make unlimited competitive comparisons
  • Prioritize tasks by first fold opportunity or search feature
  • Recognize true SERP position

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Results: Pixel Depth Reporting to Support SEO Strategy 

“By using seoClarity’s Visibility Share, we learned how much actual visibility Google features take in the SERPs over time,” Avril said. 

Visibility Share helped the SEO team understand how their visibility is pacing compared to other search features as well as against their primary competitor.

This detail allowed the SEO team to demonstrate accurate visibility to their executive stakeholders. The additional context around the CTR decrease fostered an action plan for their SEO strategy moving forward.

This metric and the data provided within seoClarity enabled us to tell the story of the latest landscape easily without having to piece together data from disparate sources,” Avril said.

Conclusion: Understand Performance With True Visual Rank 

Before Visibility Share, didn’t have a simple way to show stakeholders what was happening in the SERP. Now, they leverage visibility metrics to identify, analyze and act on organic traffic improvements. 

“Overall, Visibility Share helps us see what is being driven by Google’s behavior vs. a competitor’s behavior so we can avoid a knee-jerk reaction in our strategy,” Avril said. 

Visibility Share is the only rank tracking tool that allows brands to translate rank position into a true visual rank. Schedule a demo with us today to make your ranking data come to life and see how it visually appears on the SERPs.

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