We often hear from enterprise SEOs and tool developers who can only dream of access to rich keyword and URL data beyond what their current solution provides.

They long for a way to conduct deep competitive research in unique ways to layer or analyze it against other data sources, but keep coming up short when they try to justify budgets, or use it in other third-party visualization tools.

To answer that challenge, seoClarity’s Data Services is proud to launch Research Grid API, offering SEOs and developers alike unfettered access to the richest and deepest keyword and URL data.



What is Research Grid API? 

Research Grid API provides instant access for SEOs and dev teams access via API essential keyword metrics for any domain or URL.

Backed by our Research Grid™, it offers: 

  • 500+ million keywords & growing
  • 90+ countries
  • Both Google desktop + mobile, rank checked every month
  • 7+ years of historical data

And, it’s available to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are an seoClarity client, with access to whatever metrics you need.

The Deepest Keyword Data Imaginable for Large-Scale Research

SEOs or developers who need accurate and extensive keyword data can use Research Grid API to do things like:

  • Create a custom UI in a homegrown CMS to evaluate the value and performance metrics of a keyword
  • Report on managed keywords at a massive scale using BI or omni channel reporting tools
  • Identify potential market size and opportunity
  • Complete a wide variety of large-scale data science projects - so many possibilities!
  • Understand the ranking status of competitors month-over-month

No other available service provides the breadth and depth of keyword data that seoClarity’s Research Grid API offers. 

Available now and open to anyone, users are encouraged to check out the full API spec at seoClarity.dev.

Interested in the power behind our API? Sign up for a demo to see seoClarity in full, giving you access to all the data and insights you need to take you to SEO action and beyond. 

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