Enterprise SEO is hard enough given the sheer size of most sites, multiple domains, and complex teams. But it’s even harder without dependable technology to provide data and insights to manage enterprise strategies.

In this post, we'll cover three opportunities to increase your search visibility that come from utilizing an enterprise SEO platform.   

Opportunity #1 – Commitment

There's power in commitment. An enterprise platform unlocks potential within team members by giving them useful tools that connects them with their SEO program. Big opportunities follow once they are empowered by a platform, SEO become "de-mystified" and they become committed to contributing to the SEO growth of the organization.

The best organizations have this down in 2018 and there's a few signs that confirm it. 

One proof of that is the allocation of budgets to the channel. Our “State of Enterprise SEO” report found that, although 45% of companies have monthly budgets of $20000+, a staggering 11% assign no more than a thousand dollars to boost organic search visibility.


Team size provides another indication of the commitment. Nearly half of the organizations hire 2-5 people to manage their SEO. However, as many as 23% leave SEO to a single person.


But needless to say, as our research revealed, companies with fewer team members feel less successful about their SEO efforts than those with greater teams and larger budgets. Bringing in other members of the organization outside the SEO team into the fold is the key here.

An enterprise SEO platform helps team members to view SEO data that matters to them, and see how it builds into the enterprise SEO strategy. Many enterprise SEO platforms even have automated workflows to optimize the content on a page or fix a technical error that a person new to SEO can be prompted to investigate.

In addition to facilitating positive SEO activity, the features of a platform marks a commitment to SEO that helps focus the team, for example it:

  • Acknowledges SEO as a valid channel to reach business goals
  • Indicates a desire to investigate new opportunities and establish a repeatable system
  • Empowers the team with an investment in resources to grow search visibility further

This last argument is particularly important. Organizations often wrongly believe that optimizing just one or two areas of the site will bring the success in search. But as we’ve already discussed, SEO is a complex discipline, involving multiple elements that must all work together to succeed.

Opportunity #2 – Scale

At the enterprise level, scale is key. Fundamental actions such as trends analysis, technical best practice fixes, and keyword research can be greatly enabled with an SEO platform. You can scale your efforts – continuously identifying new strategies to improve the content and technical aspects of the website.

Here’s the exact impact an enterprise platform would have on your ability to scale:

Instant access to a multitude of data

If there’s one activity every SEO does daily, it’s looking at various elements of the site – content or setup, in search of ways to improve those, and boost rankings.

An enterprise platform gives you access to a set of capabilities relating to various site and SEO factors in one place.

seoClarity’s Clarity Audit is a good example of a capability that should exist in a SEO enterprise platform. It establishes potential technical and on-page problems to eliminate at scale.


(Screenshot of the Clarity Audit report showing on-page issues on a site.)

Automation and Workflows

Data and insights are the cornerstones of any SEO strategy. However, compiling the data requires time and resources you could otherwise be spending on other projects.

Take researching audience’s intent and preferences, for example. The importance of knowing why your potential visitors would search for specific information, and what content to present to them is without question.

An enterprise platform, comprising of many distinct capabilities and data sources, allows compiling such insight with little effort.

seoClarity’s Content Ideas, for example, lets you tap directly into questions your audience asks online about your products or product categories. Instantly, there's several content ideas to accelerate related projects.

Here’s a snapshot of questions people asked on Quora about a standing desk. Note two specific questions that could easily be converted into topics relevant to people at different stages of the buying cycle:


Content Gaps reports on keywords that already help your competitors to attract more visitors but you’re not leveraging in your content yet.


And a number of other capabilities deliver data on semantic phrases searchers use about your topic.


That’s just one example how combining complex insight lets you make your SEO strategies more relevant and target highly-defined search intent.

Support and Assistance

In the previous section, I’ve shown you that a major pain point in SEO is lack of resources to boost search visibility.

For that reason, organizations need help with utilizing tools to their maximum potential.

An enterprise SEO platform typically offers access not just to the data but also, a dedicated success team, ready to assist or advise customers on the best ways to boost their search visibility.

Opportunity #3 – Confidence

Without a complete overview of your site’s search visibility, it’s so easy to get caught off guard by a sudden ranking shift or another drastic change to your search visibility.

In fact, situations like that often make SEO managers unnecessarily invest time into analyzing various data sources to identify the problem and collect insight required to come up with a solution.

An enterprise-level platform provides a bird’s eye view of your site’s SEO and provides a single source of the data you need. This, in turn, allows you to dive deeper into every aspect of the data to identify or even predict changes, shifts, and other otherwise unexpected events before they happen. If you have confidence, you won't be derailed by the ranking changes of a single keyword or be unable to explain the positive trend of a competitor for example.

Plus, in the case of seoClarity, you have access to the client success team and our SEO consultative services, that, along with our proprietary search experience optimization framework provide you with support you need to focus on the most crucial aspects of your search visibility, not search algorithm changes.

Closing Thoughts

Acquiring search visibility relies on reliable data sources, tools that deliver insight into various factors that position a site in SERPs. But only an enterprise SEO platform offers a complete look at everything that affects your domain’s search visibility.

Get a complete look at how the capabilities of seoClarity can scale, structure and simplify your SEO.