What’s working, what’s not,

And how enterprise seo teams are preparing for the future

The field of SEO is evolving at a mind-boggling pace and getting more competitive every day.  At seoClarity, we wanted to take the temperature of the industry, compare notes with our peers, and source the wisdom of the crowd. Which strategies are working well for enterprise-level SEO teams? Which ones are failing? How are companies preparing for mobile-first search?

To answer these questions – and more – we partnered with North Star Inbound and BuzzStream to develop the widest enterprise SEO survey to date. We picked the brains of 240 SEO specialists across the country to find out the most pressing issues, most effective SEO strategies and more right down to the details of budgets, team size and the challenges of keeping up in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Dive into some of the key takeaways from this in-depth survey and how enterprise SEO’s responded. Here are eight tweetable insights we gathered from the responses.

Key Takeaways

  1. 45% of enterprise-level companies invest $20k or more per month in SEO     Tweet This

  2. Most frequently, in-house SEO teams have two-five team members    Tweet This

  3. 64% of respondents rate their SEO success as positive    Tweet This

  4. Link building was the top response


    the most difficult SEO strategy to execute     Tweet This

  5. Page speed and indexation rank as the top two SEO technical issues to monitor    Tweet This

  6. 40% of respondents find content development as the most pressing SEO issue      Tweet This

  7. 59% of respondents find that technical on-site optimization is the most effective SEO strategy used    Tweet This

  8. 85.7% of respondents are planning for fully mobile-responsive site before Google Mobile-First Index launches  Tweet This

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