As an enterprise SEO, you're constantly navigating the complexities of search algorithms, user behavior, and competitive landscapes. 

And in 2024, you’ve been thrown one of the biggest curve balls yet with the release of Google’s new AI Overviews.

Now more than ever, staying ahead requires advanced capabilities and insights to make informed decisions. That’s why we release new capabilities every two weeks, driven by the needs and requests of our clients. 

Check out our 2024 innovations (so far) designed to address your biggest challenges and discover how they provide the actionable data you need to drive results.

Table of Contents:

View our previous product innovations from 2023 and 2022!


New seoClarity Capabilities


Expand Visibility with Intent-Based Topic Clustering From Google's Perspective

With Google's increasingly sophisticated approach to connecting user queries to content, traditional keyword research just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

To enhance content and interlinking strategies for better organic search traffic, SEOs need a way to understand the topics Google sees as highly related. 

seoClarity’s Topic Clustering instantly groups keywords by similar intent from the perspective of Google. 

Unlike manual clustering which is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to missing key relationships, keywords submitted are automatically clustered into topical groups by both semantic and ranking similarities.

The technology groups hundreds of thousands of keywords, compares your content visibility against competitors, and identifies "bloated" content groups needing refinement.

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Better Understand Consumer Demand With TikTok Trend Data

TikTok's massive, engaged audience offers rich data for understanding market trends, especially among younger consumers. 

To help enterprise SEOs guide their strategies around consumer demand, seoClarity's Research Grid now includes insights into the most popular TikTok hashtags and keywords by industry.

  • TikTok Keywords: Words used in TikTok ads sorted by popularity.
  • TikTok Hashtags: The most popular hashtags, with a "Trend" metric showing usage trends over the past seven weeks.

Screenshot 12-06-2024 at 13.03

Monitor weekly changes in TikTok trends, filter keywords and hashtags by country and industry, and view full engagement metrics for TikTok ad keywords and trend curves for hashtags.

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Understand What’s Pushing Your Organic Results Down

Track 4 New SERP Features: Recipes, Buying Guide, Discussions & Forums, And Things to Know

Google's SERP features often occupy significant screen real estate, pushing organic listings further down the page.

Optimize your strategy to maintain and improve visibility in search results by tracking four of the newest SERP features in seoClarity's Rank Intelligence: Recipe, Discussions and Forums, Buying Guide, and Things to Know. 

Use filters to see how often these features appear for your keywords and how many include your content.

Recipes SERP Feature: Displays recipes with images, user ratings, time to make, and an ingredient summary, making it easier for users to find appealing recipes. 

Identify which of your keywords trigger this feature, analyze why certain food-related keywords may have seen changes in traffic, and identify top-performing competitors for the feature.

Buying Guide: Primarily appearing in mobile searches, it resembles a categorized list of Featured Snippets and helps shoppers explore product categories more deeply. Use this filter to identify categories not included in your current content. Then, consider either adding that information to existing content or creating new interlinked content.

Discussions and Forums: Highlights content from public forums like Reddit and Quora as part of Google's “hidden gems” initiative to feature real user experiences and opinions. Explore ways to increase mentions in these forums (with caution) or consider creating user forums on your site.

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Things to Know: Essentially a list of categorized Featured Snippets addressing various micro-intents in user searches. Provides a great source of content ideas – enhance existing content or create new pages to cover each intent displayed. To get included in this feature, aim for mentions in listicles and buying guides on third-party sites.


Stop Manual Maintenance of YourTracked Keywords

Automated Recommendations of Keywords to Add or Drop

When managing a large set of tracked keywords, it’s important to add new keywords to prioritize new trends and uncover opportunities. It’s also crucial to remove non-performing keywords to make room for the terms that really matter.

But finding and evaluating these keywords can be tedious. 

Automate the process with Dynamic Keyword Recommendations in Actionable Insights

Every time you open Actionable Insights, you'll see any AI-driven recommendations for keywords to start tracking, chosen for their high traffic potential. You'll also get suggestions for keywords to replace or delete, such as those no longer driving traffic, misspellings, or duplicates.

Ultimately, the choice is yours—select the keywords to add or drop, and use the Action menu to implement your changes.


Assess the Impact of SERP Features on Your Rankings

Compare True Rank vs Web Rank

As previously stated, Google's SERPs are crowded with its own features, pushing organic listings down.

Evaluate the impact of SERP features on your ranking keywords by comparing True Rank vs. Web Rank:

  • Web Rank: Traditional rank, considering only other organic web links.
  • True Rank: Includes common SERP features like videos and answer boxes.

The difference between the two reveals how far your ranking positions are being pushed down by Google’s features.

Want more insights? Monitor trends over time to see when Google pushes more features, compare trends with impressions and clicks in Search Analytics to assess performance impact, and use tags and filters to identify segments most affected.


Easily Track and Compare Metric Trends Across Multiple Domains

Tracking and reporting on multiple domains is often tedious and time-consuming. 

Simplify the process with our new Multi-Domain Rank Intelligence Trend Widget in Dashboards

It allows you to visually compare trends across all your domains in seoClarity. Just select the domains you want to analyze and see how any Rank Intelligence metric has trended over time. 

Plus, you can apply filters to segment the data just the way you need. 


Filter By Search Intent to More Accurately Forecast SEO ROI

Having trouble showcasing the immense value of organic traffic to the rest of your organization?

Prove the ROI of SEO with clear and accurate traffic forecasts using our new Search Intent filter in Traffic Potential in Rank Intelligence. 

This allows you to exclude branded search terms—traffic you already expect—from your forecasts, removing any data that could cloud the assessment.


Trended Competitor Comparison Is Back!

Understanding your performance relative to competitors helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, enabling you to make informed adjustments to your SEO strategy.

Back by popular demand, you can now assess your historical performance against competitors using any metrics. 

View historical trends for: 

  • Number of top-ranked keywords (default view)
  • Estimated traffic
  • Average rank or weighted average rank
  • Share of voice

Use Content Gaps filters to narrow your view and easily pinpoint specific challenges and opportunities.

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Updated and Enhanced seoClarity Capabilities

Enhanced SEO Split Tester for Lightning-Fast Implementation

SEOs who conduct regular tests typically outperform competitors, but many struggle to implement SEO split tests due to limited engineering resources, endless test ideas, and challenges in assessing ROI to earn buy-in.

Launched in 2022, SEO Split Tester has since undergone several enhancements to address these challenges. 


The improved UI allows SEOs to easily set up tests, select key metrics, and deploy changes, enabling the execution of hundreds of tests per year. Additionally, it identifies highly correlated control pages and provides custom dashboards to analyze progress and determine statistical significance.

When SEO split testing is push-button easy, there's no excuse not to optimize. Learn more about the enhancements made to SEO Split Tester.


Streamline Content Analysis With a 360-Degree View of Any Topic

Speed up your research and content analysis process with a 365-degree view of any topic you're creating or optimizing content for in Content Fusion.


We’ve streamlined all the insights you need to thoroughly analyze your content into three tabs:

  • Recommended Keywords: View essential keywords to include in your title, meta description, and content.
  • SERP Analysis: Gain insights into the top-ranking URLs for your topic.
  • SERP Keyword Usage: See a clear mapping of how often recommended keywords are used in the top-ranking URLs.

This consolidated view allows you to fully understand the competitive landscape for your topic and assess what it will take for your content to rank for your target keywords.


Track INP and TTFB Metrics to Improve User Experience

A slow website can significantly hinder user experience and SEO performance. As such, measuring and optimizing page speed is crucial.

That’s why Page Speed in seoClarity now includes two newer speed metrics used by Google:

  • Interaction to Next Paint (INP): Measures the time it takes for a page to respond to user input (such as clicks or taps) after the initial page load.
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB): Measures the time it takes for the server to respond with the first byte of data after a user requests a web page.

With our enhanced UI, each metric is shown with ranges for Good (green), Needs Improvement (yellow), and Poor (red), referring to the number of pages on your site that fall in each range.

This insight enables you to:

  • Gain deeper insights into your website's responsiveness and server performance.
  • Identify specific areas needing improvement to enhance user experience.
  • Prioritize optimization efforts based on clear, actionable data.



seoClarity's latest innovations make it easier than ever to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategies.

By leveraging these advanced capabilities, you can gain deeper insights, uncover new opportunities, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Ready to elevate your SEO performance and drive meaningful results in 2024 and beyond? See these innovations in action and unlock your site's full potential—schedule a demo today!

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