It’s been over a month since the Mobile-Friendly update was rolled live, though we believe it’s been a factor for longer. We tracked it when it went live and we found no end of the world scenario for mobile. As ever persistent researchers, we decided to take another look at our Mobile-Friendly posthumously to identify if there was any decipherable data after the fact. Our findings, on the same 50,000 keywords, did not seem to suggest any vast differences since the initial rollout.

desktop vs mobile ranking comparison

Still we plunged further into the data, and what we did find that was interesting is the increase in the number of domains ranking in the top 10 positions that are mobile-friendly. Our Chief Architect, Mitul Gandhi, was able to present this information at SMX Advanced. The numbers below are based on a keyword set of over 450,000. This overwhelming majority of mobile-friendly sites in mobile SERPs is sure to increase as time goes on and adoption improves, especially as businesses see how often and when people browse their site from mobile devices.

Top 10 Mobile-Friendly Results