When it comes to organic search, real estate brands require a powerful solution to scale their SEO. 

According to a survey from the National Association of Realtors, 90% of home buyers and renters start their property search online, so there’s no better time for real estate enterprise sites to leverage an SEO platform that provides:

  • The ability to analyze massive amounts of our accurate and reliable ranking data any way you want - without limitations standing in your way
  • Content optimization workflows to help you drive the best user search experience for interested buyers and renters; and
  • Opportunity to gain competitive advantage through content creation and testing across the board.

Optimizing more than 85 million pages across many large real estate sites, seoClarity provides daily ranking data for any geolocation on any search engine anywhere in the world. 

Fortunately, we have a track record of working with some of the highest-trafficked real estate sites, so we understand the challenges associated with measuring search visibility for the 140 million home addresses in the US alone.

From testing various page templates to managing technical SEO and crawl budget, we know just how critical it is to track as many keywords as possible to accurately analyze performance. We provide clients with a way to do this at scalewithout breaking the bank

Read on to see how we built a platform to help real estate sites track millions of keywords without actually paying for it with statistical sampling in SEO.

And, as always, we have the proof to support these claims. Here are 7 enterprise real estate brands who are experiencing tremendous success thanks to the power of seoClarity as their all-in-one SEO solution.

Please note: these happy clients have requested to remain anonymous for our report.

7 SEO Success Stories of Organic Growth for Real Estate Brands

New 2020 Client Sees 292% Traffic Increase Over 8 Months

Since their investment in the seoClarity platform in July 2020, a home services enterprise brand has seen a 292% increase in their estimated monthly traffic (as of March 2021). 

This home services brand underwent an SEO strategy overhaul when they started using seoClarity to create opportunities to achieve a higher CTR and worked to improve their search visibility and overall user experience. This set them up for success from the start.

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53% Increase in Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic for Home Improvement Enterprise

In a recent study published by NPR, 3 out of 4 U.S.-based homeowners surveyed completed a home improvement project in 2020. Capitalizing on that demand, our client, a home improvement enterprise experienced the following results from their SEO initiatives over a 12-month period from January 2020 to December 2020.

  • 53% increase in estimated monthly organic traffic

  • 25% increase in Top 3 ranking keywords

To do this, the team used seoClarity's Rank Intelligence to track an incredible amount of keywords and pages across their massive site. The SEO team worked to leverage seoClarity's statistical sampling process to monitor SERP performance and uncover visibility opportunities on the SERP, which led to improved prioritization of SEO campaigns. 

seoClarity's big SEO ranking data allows real estate brands with millions of pages an all encompassing way to monitor performance, analyze ranking data, and optimize their site content. 

32% Increase in Unique Pages Ranking in 2020 for Apartment Rental Site

An apartment rental search engine leveraged their partnership with seoClarity through platform workflows to drive a 32.3% increase in their unique pages ranking from January 2020 to December 2020. 

seoClarity provided an all-in-one solution through their platform to help the SEO team improve the user experience across their site. They specifically leveraged Content Ideas and seoClarity's content optimization workflows to address user intent for both owners and renters who use their search engine, covering all touch points of the buyers' journey - from planning to listing and beyond. 

14% Traffic Increase for Online Real Estate Development Website

Despite a rocky year for many real estate brands in 2020, a popular real estate development site ended the year on a high note, seeing a 14% increase in organic search traffic from November 2020 to February 2021. 


Research Grid chart showing traffic increase for real estate development website

With their focus on improving page content and addressing technical challenges, the SEO team leveraged Clarity Audits in conjunction with Actionable Insights to make consistent improvements month over month.

Clarity Audits, seoClarity’s site audit and built-in crawler, allowed them to easily report issues, and then sort and prioritize by the largest impact to make huge improvements to their site.

Actionable Insights, seoClarity’s AI-driven SEO assistant, helped this lean SEO team analyze the data in real time to catch issues as they were happening. This helped them prioritize making updates and changes more efficiently, which drove these results in just six months.

18% Increase in Total Ranking Keywords Supports 7% Growth in Unique Pages Ranking for Self-Storage Marketplace

A self-storage marketplace offering moving-related products and services targeted key content initiatives and saw a nearly 18% increase in total ranking keywords driving traffic to their site. This led to 7% growth in unique pages ranking for their overall site in the second half of 2020.

Unique Pages Ranking report for Self-Storage Marketplace from July 2020 - December 2020

With a crowded SERP, the SEO manager leveraged seoClarity to implement schema to give Google the best information about their top performing pages, and pages where they were just out of visibility among their competition.

seoClarity offers a free point-and-click Schema builder tool, schema.dev for enterprise brands looking to dominate the SERP and see their results above the fold. 

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18% Improvement in Unique Pages Ranking for Real Estate Marketing Brand

A digital marketing company that manages multiple real estate search engines saw fluctuations through the volatility of 2020, but ultimately experienced a 26% increase in search volume from January to December. This led to an impressive 18% increase in unique pages ranking across their site which showed promising growth into the new year. 



Additionally, the brand experienced a 28% increase in keyword rankings over the same time period, which also shows promising growth well into 2021.


The SEO team specifically worked to improve their search visibility through content optimization using seoClarity's Content Fusion and content optimization workflows. They also used Content Gaps to identify opportunities to target between their content and their competition.

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Longevity Client Sees 82% Increase In Top 10 Ranking Keywords Over Past 5 Years

A large, online real estate marketplace has a longstanding relationship with seoClarity and the partnership is integral to their business success. In their time using the platform and leveraging seoClarity workflows to drive success, the enterprise brand has seen an 82.1% increase in Top 10 ranking keywords


Impressively, this real estate marketplace wins at SEO because of their consistent process and building SEO at the center of their entire company.

Their wins come from leveraging seoClarity as their single source of truth in all things in SEO. Their most used capabilities are:

  • Rank Intelligence, with ranking analysis on-the-fly and a built-in process for statistical sampling with keywords and managed pages
  • Robust technical suite of capabilities including site audit technology with a built-in crawler that includes unlimited page crawls to address technical SEO issues and improve user experience & crawl efficiency
  • Local ranking to optimize and have a keen understanding of the market-by-market performance


We know that SEO is all about playing the long game; it can take months to start to see the momentum in your results. Thanks to seoClarity’s limitless ranking data with keyword statistical sampling for enterprise real estate sites with millions of property listings, real estate enterprise brands see amazing results to scale their growth when leveraging the platform. 

From local rank tracking by market to content optimization throughout the homebuyers’ experience with your brand, for real estate brands looking to scale their success in 2021, seoClarity provides everything you need to be successful. 

If you’re a real estate enterprise looking to capture the momentum in the market and scale your organic growth, sign up for a demo today and see how thousands of brands are improving their search visibility with the power of an enterprise SEO platform. 

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