According to research conducted by Research and Markets, the global luxury cosmetics industry reached an estimated $135.5 Billion in the year 2020. With thousands of brands competing in the marketplace, one luxury brand leveraged an SEO Professional Services Managed Services approach from seoClarity to support their organic revenue growth.

The Business Challenge

Recognized as a longstanding leader in the cosmetics industry, this enterprise brand* wanted to achieve massive organic traffic growth in 2020. With several ancillary brands offering an array of unique products, they needed a way to scale their organic growth to reach their traffic goals with ease. In doing this, they hoped to see an increase in their organic revenue. 

The seoClarity Solution

This seoClarity client engaged the seoClarity SEO Professional Services team to develop a roadmap to reach their goals. They chose to leverage Managed Services support to their platform investment and determine SEO priorities.

The plan was to initiate consistent site audits, identify content opportunities and improvements, and measure the results. 

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The team leveraged the seoClarity platform to conduct an initial site audit which uncovered errors within their top domains. From there, they determined monthly priorities to help them reach their traffic goals in 2020.

This resulted in a list of eight key initiatives, each with their own success metrics contributing to their YOY revenue increase.

  • In January 2020, Professional Services and the SEO team began an internal links project where they increased internal links from popular products throughout their traffic-driving site pages. This led to a 7% increase in non-brand organic clicks YOY compared to product pages not receiving bump in internal links.
  • The following month, the team worked on meta tag updates for 15 pages important to the business with the highest Traffic Potential. This resulted in a +3 average rank improvement for the targeted pages.
  • To end the first quarter of 2020, the teams collaborated on a product page URL configuration and added new FAQ schema to those pages. Despite a slight (1%) decrease in product page visibility, this work contributed to a whopping 20% increase in traffic to target product pages.
  • In line with some research from pandemic-related searches in April 2020, the teams created an FAQ page based on top searches for at-home hair care terms. This page has driven 2600+ new visits since its launch.
  • The Professional Services team suggested updates to faceted navigation across traffic-driving product pages in July 2020. This drove a 200% YOY increase in organic traffic in the last 6 months of the year.
  • As part of their work, the team removed product schema from category carousels which drove a +5 average rank for those pages which allowed product pages to capture more of the transactional intent terms.
  • The brand leveraged seoClarity Content Services to update title and meta description tags across their site, and this contributed to a rankings increase for 70% of category pages.
  • As a cherry on top of a successful year, the teams worked together to design and develop the brand’s homepage. seoClarity’s Managed Services supported the team with best practices including leveraging the ‘SearchAction’ schema to allow searchers to search the site directly from Google.
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Overall Results Achieved

The SEO team and the Professional Services team achieved their traffic and revenue goals. 

In the last 6 months of 2020, the site reported:

  • A +24% increase in YOY traffic
  • A +133% increase in YOY revenue


Based on the results they achieved from their partnership with SEO Professional Services, the team continued their relationship for SEO strategy and analysis support in 2021. 

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*We are happy to accommodate this client’s request to remain anonymous to our audience.