No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, you know that SEO is one of the greatest resources for any business seeking success. 

The approach is simple: implementing the right SEO strategy improves search visibility which results in more traffic to a site which in turn leads to increased revenue once the user determines they’ve found the answer to their question or solution to their problem. 

The seoClarity Professional Services approach, on the other hand, elevates the basic SEO experience through a systematized review of a user’s core KPIs and utilizes a combination of crawl data, web server logs analysis, and analytics to isolate the areas of a site that need improvements. Our team then designs a prioritized list of actionable insights based on the data from our enterprise SEO platform, listed by impact and prioritization.

The proof of this approach lies in the following SEO success stories from seoClarity’s Managed Services, an enterprise SEO services offering coupled with the platform. These stories show how, from start to finish, the tactics put in place for a holistic SEO program benefit a business’s bottom line.

This article will cover:


What Does Success in SEO Look Like?

The best way to measure success in SEO is to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) upfront in order to express return on investment (ROI) as projects are carried out and/or completed. KPIs are metrics assigned to your digital marketing and SEO efforts used to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy. These metrics also show whether your tactics are connected to and consistent with the success of your investment.

We suggest monitoring the following key SEO KPIs as baseline metrics for your SEO program:

  • Page Speed
  • Indexed Pages
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Web Ranking

Simply monitoring and reporting on these KPIs and addressing issues as they arise as part of your SEO strategy will lead you toward improved organic search ranking, improved conversion rate, and help maintain (and even scale!) SEO success moving forward. 

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How Do We Measure SEO Success?

What is an SEO strategy or marketing campaign without measurable results? Your SEO ROI is a key component of your strategy as it’s important to prove out the success behind the investment made toward SEO within your organization. 

To measure SEO success, which here, we are quantifying as ROI, you must first take a look at the incremental growth of your KPIs. This is where SEO reporting and dashboards play a crucial role in showing success

An SEO report, tailored to the team that receives it, provides a look into an organization’s SEO activities. It shows results of the SEO program, highlights activities implemented to improve search visibility and meet KPIs within a certain time frame.

A dashboard helps SEOs monitor changes to a specific goal or metric over time. This is a quick view of data over time that allows you to gather insights at a more granular level than a report provides. 

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So, what exactly does success mean for our team at seoClarity? We’ve said time and again that our clients’ success is our success. When it comes to Professional Services, the value of the platform is enhanced by helping clients reach different types of success at their businesses, namely:

  • Successful SEO projects
  • Successful outcomes
  • Time saved on SEO tasks
  • Cost savings
  • Risk mitigation
  • Insight gained
  • Investment approved
  • Decision supported

Below is just a snapshot of some of the successes we’ve seen with our clients who opt for Managed Services as part of their engagement with the seoClarity platform.

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SEO Success Stories: Real Stories of Strategic SEO Wins

European Shipping Company Brings Their SEO In-House

Previously working with a digital marketing agency to improve their organic traffic, this European shipping powerhouse desired control of their SEO strategy but were left unsure of where to start. The team was small, and with big tasks to tackle, they lacked the internal resources required to create technical change and add content at the desired scale.


Through a Managed Services agreement with the seoClarity Professional Services team, the shipping company received the recommendation for a content asset to assist with the execution of immediate content tasks.

Together, they built out dashboards to report on site traffic, assessed technical roadblocks, and received strategic consulting services to manage their SEO projects. All of this was prioritized for the team with the added support of seoClarity's Professional Services. 


The team was able to prioritize content changes identified by reviewing their key pages driving performance and make strategic changes on the most valuable page types. Opportunities to add Schema markup were also identified. Several of the site pages contained similar content so the team prioritized the addition of key content topics utilizing Content Fusion to add more semantic meaning.

  • Additional recommendations included:
  • Internal link analysis
  • Identifying multiple URLs with the same intent
  • Adding additional semantic keywords to key content utilizing Content Fusion
  • Updating important International shipping pages
  • Adding FAQ to top level landing pages
  • Updating metadata (titles, descriptions, headers) to include targeted keywords
  • Build out additional blog content and link to core pages in these sections to create a content pillar

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Online International Travel Agency Doubles Share of Visibility Over 5 Month Period

With a desire to increase their search visibility and organic traffic in a short amount of time, this online travel agency relied on a Managed Services approach to help them prioritize tasks in a way that would impact the most amount of pages on their site. 

Previously relying on point solutions, the travel agency's team collaborated with the seoClarity Professional Services team to address site issues as a means to address visibility in the SERP against their competitors. 


Starting in July 2019, the Professional Services team identified the following areas to target on the international site:

  • Scale back the excessive DOM size to improve page speed
  • Fix coding error to correct canonical tags
  • Add country destinations to "Flights to" pages
  • Address duplicate metadata in similar names
  • Apply FAQ schema to "Flights to" pages
  • Apply price range schema to airlines pages to receive rich snippets in the SERP
Additionally, the Professional Services team build a framework for must-use applications, such as "best time to travel" so that the travel agency's team could optimize its "Flights to" content across their site.


Over the 5 month period of their work together in addressing the site priorities, the teams experienced incredible results in improved SERP visibility. Specifically, the travel agency nearly doubled their share of visibility, going from 11% to 21%.

The company also reached the top of Page 1 in their competitive markets for "flights to" and "airlines" landing pages during this time.

Preventative Migraine Medicine Brand Expands YOY Organic Traffic From 2x to 5x 

A major medical brand enlisted the help of the Professional Services team to help them connect the dots. They wanted to understand how people were searching for one of their drug brands in ways they may not have previously considered, focusing in on the user search experience. 

Previously, the brand was not ranking for their brand terms, but, as the Professional Services team pointed out during an on-site visit: if the brand did not directly address the issues their customers were trying to solve, then their competitors would target those terms and capture the market instead. 


The Professional Services team worked alongside the medicine brand's team to align technical and search experience wins for their site. They identified possible Answer Box wins by providing queries that would display the Answer Box for their target terms. 

The medicine brand also worked to optimize their content to add specific actions about their medication to drive authority. This helped them to answer specific questions on their site that might also trigger an Answer Box in the SERP. 


Through the diligent work of their digital marketing team, the drug manufacturer saw an expansion from 2x their traffic to 5x their organic traffic YOY over the summer months when the project was conducted with Professional Services. 

In that same brief time period, the brand almost tripled their Answer Box wins, going from 4 Answer Boxes to 11 Answer Boxes during the optimization period. 

The company sees continued success after tailoring their content to meet the needs of what the user demand is for their specific medication and use case. 


Taking a Managed Services approach to SEO isn’t for every business, but those that work with seoClarity’s Professional Services team receive hands-on actionable solutions based on the deep data and insights gleaned from the seoClarity platform. It’s through this work that brands like the above see an acceleration in their overall performance and growth.

Ready to enhance your internal team? Gain access to project solutions and deep-dive analysis with a Managed Services approach from seoClarity's Professional Services team when you contact us today.