2020 presented a lot of unique business challenges within the travel and hospitality industry, but despite those challenges, we’ve seen many enterprise brands encounter success through their organic efforts with seoClarity. 

With competition as fierce as it’s ever been, gaining visibility in the SERP is critical to business success. Here are five enterprise travel brands* who are leveraging seoClarity to optimize their site and capitalize on organic opportunities.

*Please note: For the purposes of this report, these clients have chosen to remain anonymous. 

5 Success Stories of Organic Growth from Travel and Hospitality Brands in 2020

106% Jump in Rankings for European Booking Site to Start 2021

A vacation booking site targeting the European market experienced a nice kick-off to the new year with their rankings trending in a positive direction. From October 2020 - February 2021, they experienced a 106% increase in rankings. 

Having to realign their focus to maintain traffic in 2020, the SEO team worked to apply the correct schema markup to differentiate their listings from other results in the SERP. 

They relied on seoClarity to assess keywords that trigger results that include Schema. Within their managed keywords, they could see what search queries contained star ratings, pricing information, and other structured data. From there, they added schema to those pages to improve their CTR.

The advanced filtering allowed them to prioritize pages to improve the content that improved their SERP visibility, thus leading to a jump in rankings


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28% Traffic Surge for Global Hospitality Brand YOY 

A U.S.-based global hospitality brand experienced a 28% increase in organic traffic to kick off the new year, capping off their steady traffic increase throughout 2020. 

To achieve this remarkable uptick in traffic, the hospitality brand’s content team dedicated their efforts to consistent content creation and optimization to improve visibility in the SERP. 

The team relied on Content Fusion, seoClarity's AI-driven content analysis and optimization tool, to provide them with insights to optimize their pages with the content the user is looking for. This allowed them to steadily maintain their organic growth with an unintended result.

Their content team especially liked how Content Fusion surfaced important location information, saving them hours of research time in learning about various locations where their brand operates. In one such topic search for “River North hotels” below, the team could quickly assess what area attractions and information should be included in their content to improve quality of their content. 

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124K Increase in Ranking Keywords Leads to 29% Traffic Incline YOY for Vacation Rental Platform

As travel opportunities stalled at the start of the pandemic, this vacation rental platform noticed an initial decrease in traffic but quickly recovered thanks to the 124K growth of ranking keywords. Their agile strategy and use of the seoClarity platform helped them sustain growth in 2020.

Once they engaged with seoClarity to meet their needs for SEO data at scale, the travel brand got right to work with an analysis and optimization of hundreds of pages across their site to prove their investment to their executive team. 

With a focus to improve position within the local SERP, Rank Intelligence aided their ability to analyze and prioritize the right pages based on competitive data against multiple competitive players in their space.

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154K Additional Keywords Ranking YOY for Major Hotel Booking Site 

A US-based hotel booking enterprise saw a 154K increase in ranking keywords from the start of the pandemic through March 2021.

With their focus on maintaining their position to get through the lack of demand within the travel industry, the team leveraged their previous organic success to prepare for the return of travel.

Due a tight budget and limited resources, they focused their efforts on page-level performance using Research Grid to drill into pages, folders, sub-folders, subdomains and even country-level data within each domain. That precise detail gave them the ability to perform a segmented analysis of their data and recognize low-hanging fruit opportunities for optimization, which resulted in an increase in the amount of ranking keywords for their site.

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63% Increase in Unique Pages Ranking for International Travel Agency

While international travel was on hold, one international travel agency’s SEO was on the move toward record growth. In just a 4-month period, the brand experienced a 63% increase in their unique pages ranking from October 2020 - February 2021. 

The team shifted their focus throughout 2020 to properly implement hreflang tags across their site, combatting one of the most-encountered challenges travel brands face. They leveraged Clarity Audits to conduct an hreflang crawl audit right within the platform. This allowed them to determine validity of their hreflang tag and address accordingly, which led to the increase in ranking pages across their entire site. 

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As the travel industry continues to adjust and bounce back from challenges brought on by the pandemic, enterprise brands must focus their efforts on organic search to be successful. Thanks to seoClarity’s deep data and insights, content optimization and analysis suite, and unique reporting capabilities, enterprise travel and hospitality brands continue to see incredible results that propel them toward organic growth. 

If you’re an SEO in the travel industry looking to take flight in the market and scale your enterprise growth, schedule a demo today and see how thousands of brands are identifying opportunities to improve their visibility in the SERP when they leverage the power of seoClarity as their enterprise SEO platform. 

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