A travel booking site sought to continue their brand’s impressive growth trajectory. In order to drive organic traffic, their team of data scientists wanted a solution that would allow them to incorporate deep data and SEO insights into their reporting and decision-making processes. 

The Challenge: Sifting Through Massive Amounts of Data to Improve Organic Traffic

During 2020 when many travel brands faced unforeseen challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, this company set its sights on a massive undertaking of updating top-performing site content in order to improve their organic search traffic. 

They knew from previous experience that optimizing their top-performing pages would support their traffic goals, but with tens of thousands of pages to optimize and analyze, this task presented far too daunting for their team of data scientists to conquer without precise SEO data at scale. 

Solution: Optimizing Content at Scale to Match Customer Intent with Content Fusion

Once they engaged with seoClarity to meet their needs for SEO data at scale, the travel brand got right to work with a 200-page analysis and optimization test to prove their investment to their executive team. 

They first relied on daily ranking data and the ability to analyze all of that data to easily to prioritize the right pages based on top competitors, all while focused on local SERP results. 

With this level of ranking analysis, we deciphered which pages to prioritize, identified the intent of the queries, and optimized the content to match.

-- SEO Analyst at Vacation Rental Site

Rank Intelligence allows for on-the-fly competitive analysis at scale for any domain ranking in the top 100 positions of the SERPs. seoClarity provides this insight for any search engine in any geolocation, giving users the ability to compare traffic data, ranking data, share of voice, market share, and more in just a few clicks.

Remove all the limitations of simple rank tracking and reporting to gain the ability to slice, dice, and analyze your data like never before - without any artificial limitations. Test drive our SEO platform today to see the powerful level of analysis inside Rank Intelligence. 

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What really wowed the travel brand was the power behind Content Fusion, seoClarity’s AI-driven content analysis super tool.

Limited in their own human bias, the travel brand found immense value in Content Fusion’s ability to remove the guesswork from content creation and optimization. 

Content Fusion provided the travel brand’s team of data scientists and content writers with the ability to create effective and authoritative content by leveraging all of the data in one, centralized location. For each of the 200 site pages in their test, the team: 

  • Identified contextually relevant terms to include in their writing without conducting hours of research for each page 
  • Saw up-to-the-minute results based on live crawls of the SERPs
  • Dove into geo-targeted insights based on their target page or term for optimization

With the API that provided them the analysis at scale, the travel brand published hundreds of AI-optimized pages that matched intent and attracted their target audience.

No other enterprise SEO platform applies machine learning and AI-driven insights to support expert-level content creation and optimization at this scale!

The travel brand then applied the analyses to tens of thousands of pages at scale with an API that was infused into the content team’s process.

Leverage on-the-fly analysis and seamless workflows that will have your brand writing multiple pieces of content like a topic expert in less time than researching one topic alone. Give Content Fusion a try for 14-days and expand your audience faster than ever thought possible. 

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Results: 41% Growth In Top Ranking Keywords Leads to 15% Traffic Increase in First 6 Months

Trusting in the sheer value that seoClarity brought across the organization, the travel brand scaled their 200-page test into full-scale analysis and optimization for thousands of additional pages to deliver  extraordinary results in just under 6 months.

From July 2020 to December 2020, there was a more than 20k increase in the number of keywords ranking in positions 1 to 3. That was a 41% increase in just the first six months.




Additionally over the same 6-month period, the brand saw a 15% increase or 400K incremental lift in monthly traffic.  




With the quick rate of change in both the travel and SEO industries, this travel brand needed immediate information and insights to drive their business forward, despite external factors beyond their control. Thanks to the data within the seoClarity platform, the brand continues to see incremental growth in their traffic and keyword ranking positions. 

If you’re a brand in a sea of change looking to understand your customers’ intent and develop content that drives traffic, consider the deep data and insights of seoClarity’s enterprise SEO platform. Schedule a demo to meet the needs of your customers today. 

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