An enterprise delivery and logistics service serves a large international market to meet global business and personal shipping needs of their customers. Their operation also includes an automated tracking and sorting system and delivers over a million packages every day. 

Challenge: Prioritizing SEO Tasks Without SEO Training

The delivery service struggled to identify what tasks to prioritize and weren’t making headway with their SEO strategy. They had little understanding as to why they should perform these tasks, let alone how to do them. 

They sought a way to better execute on their SEO strategy and train the organization on SEO priorities that would help them meet their KPIs and grow their business.

Solution: Learning the Importance of SEO by Bringing It In-House with SEO Professional Services

The delivery service was amazed by the incredible insights they received from seoClarity. They invested in a Managed Services approach from seoClarity’s SEO Professional Services to support their digital marketing team.

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Through this approach, the company received a clear playbook that included training on monthly SEO priorities in order to reach their organizational goals. This list of SEO priorities, derived directly from the platform, was organized by what would impact their overall search visibility. These tasks included the following: 

  • Content optimization at scale. Using seoClarity’s AI-content analysis from Content Fusion, the team leveraged deep learning and insights to:
    • Write authoritative content without hours of daunting research on a variety of topics
    • Engaged their target audience with the right content that matched user intent 
    • Optimize low-performing pages with smart content insights to improve visibility
  • Identification of content trends and navigational opportunities. By integrating their site’s Google Analytics data and leveraging seoClarity’s Search Analytics, the delivery brand gained a clear picture of all of their traffic-driving terms, allowing them to:
    • Understand the intent behind organic searches
    • Delineate between brand and non-brand keywords
    • Slice, dice, and analyze the keywords that were driving traffic to their site at scale
  • Monitor any unforeseen technical issues through regularly scheduled site crawls with Clarity Audits. Clarity Audits allows clients to:
    • Perform unlimited crawls at their specified cadence up to 20 million per month
    • Track progress with unlimited site audits on technical issues and opportunities
    • Monitor these improvements to correlate to ranking performance

The SEO Professional Services team provided ample training so the brand could complete these tasks with expert-level efficiency. They began to see the overall impact as each SEO improvement they made led to impressive results. 

The entire team at the company monitored these results within their custom dashboards in the platform.

The seoClarity Professional Services team is made up of consultants who are are well-versed in Search Experience Optimization, our method to streamline and accelerate organic search efforts. Learn how SEO Professional Services acts as an extension of your team to ensure that you are optimized and focused on usability, relevance, and authority. 

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Results: 38% Increase in Clicks Leads to +15% Increase in Traffic Over 9 Months 

The delivery brand experienced an increase in their traffic over their engagement period thanks to the  training and prioritization of tasks delivered  by the SEO Professional Services team. 

Over a 9-month period in 2020 (January to September), the delivery brand experienced:

  • +1,200 clicks YTD on traffic-driving terms from optimized content opportunities
  • An increase of 33% impressions YTD as well as 38% growth in site clicks

Display of growth shown within Search Analytics, backed by Google Search Console data


  • A 14.8% increase in overall site traffic over a 9-month period


Traffic report from seoClarity’s Site Analytics data

Continued Ownership of SEO Tasks for Sustained Growth

seoClarity provided a full support model for the delivery service enterprise that went above and beyond what they received in their previous process. The hands-on approach that seoClarity takes ensures that our clients receive the most from their investment.

With the right approach and the best all-in-one enterprise platform, our teams deliver the support you deserve to drive consistent and repeatable success, maximizing overall efficiency across the organization. Schedule a demo with our team to take ownership of your SEO success. 

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