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    BrightEdge vs. Conductor

    Enterprise brands looking to win search visibility require a powerful SEO platform to centralize and scale data.
    We've outlined the differences between two key players in the enterprise SEO industry for your review. 

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    BrightEdge vs. Conductor: A Comparison Analysis

    Within the SEO industry, BrightEdge and Conductor are considered in the top SEO platforms available for digital marketers and SEOs.

    Below, we've provided a helpful summary of BrightEdge and Conductor to find how the two compare with each other, as well as how they differ from seoClarity. It's a lot to consider, so we've distilled this information for your convenience with the links below. 


    BrightEdge Overview

    BrightEdge allows its enterprise users to identify customer demand and intent to create well-optimized content. They claim to transform content into organic traffic, conversions, and revenue, among other business results. 

    They work across a variety of verticals for enterprise B2B and B2C clients, and they group their products into three categories (Discover Demand, Create Optimized Content, Measure Results) based on what the client needs for their business.

    Among their offerings are the following: 

    • Data Cube: Allows users to apply SEO research to build content strategies
    • Share of Voice: Dive into page-level competitor performance
    • Content IQ: Access SEO audits to resolve site errors
    • StoryBuilder: Visualize performance through dashboards

    Pricing information is not offered on BrightEdge's website, since they operate on a quote basis.

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    BrightEdge Reviews

    We hear from a lot of clients that evaluate both us and BrightEdge. These are a few of the things that we’ve heard over the years that their users share so you can make an informed decision. Here are a couple of reviews from G2 from real users:

    • G2 Review: I would also use tools like Semrush and others to get a fuller picture of the SEO landscape.
    • G2 Review: The on-page SEO recommendations are cookie-cutter.
    • G2 Review: The inability (to) access via API keeps us from allowing our data scientists to mine data.

    Things to Consider About BrightEdge

    → What's included with Brightedge's ROI projections?

    Make sure the ROI projections and forecasts for search traffic are feasible. A good measure of this is to determine the percentage of your overall keyword universe where you can actually earn keyword rank position one. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    → What is the frequency of Keyword ranking data Updates in DataCube?

    Enterprise SEOs especially need to work from a single source of truth — that is, a centralized data set that you can trust. If you are a global company, are all countries included? Is the data fresh? No one wants to work with old data! 

    → What is actually included in the contract and package?

    Of course you'll review all the terms and conditions when investing in an SEO solution of this caliber, but it's important to understand exactly what is included in your package.

    Make sure you know what capabilities are included from the start, and what you'll get access to in the future if new features are added in BrightEdge. You don’t want to potentially make another business case for more investment further down the road.

    → Are there limitations in competitive analysis? 

    Monitoring the competition is nearly as important as monitoring your own data. If you want to truly dig into an opportunity, analyzing competitor data is just as important.

    That’s where so much opportunity lies, so the ability to analyze any competitor’s ranking data is crucial. Check if there are limitations on the number of competitors you can track, compare, and monitor.

    → What recommendations are included from the BrightEdge recommendations engine?

    Recommendations should cover much more than “add a keyword to your page title or H1.” You can get an on-page SEO tool from many providers.

    An important component of scaling SEO is for a recommendations engine to cover things like technical SEO improvements, content and page updates, schema recommendations, internal and external link opportunities, etc.

    Looking to compare more SEO software? We have all the research compiled on our SEO tools comparison page. 

    Conductor Searchlight Overview

    Conductor Searchlight is an organic marketing platform for enterprise SEOs. It allows SEO, content, and web management teams to uncover their target audience along with the respective intents to create marketing content. 

    A fit for marketers across five specific industries covered on their site (retail, technology, healthcare, travel/hospitality, and finance), Conductor groups their solution into the following categories:

    • Know Your Customers: Understand customer voice, get audience insights, track your brand 
    • Identify Opportunities: Improve site health, investigate competitors, explore new markets
    • Create Powerful Content: Write content briefs, optimize content, expedite workflows
    • Measure Performance: Measure across channels, demonstrate return, increase conversions  

    Parts of the software are available via a web application, Google Chrome extension, mobile app, and Google Docs plug-in. The Chrome extension allows users to instantly audit desktop and mobile pages for page speed, sitemaps, and canonicals.  

    No pricing information is offered for Conductor, since they work on a quote basis.

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    Conductor Reviews

    A lot of our clients evaluated Conductor, too, before choosing seoClarity. We’ve gathered some research and reviews so you can be properly informed in your decision-making. 

    • G2 Review: Limits with international SEO, so best for North American efforts.
    • G2 Review: Rely on other tools for backlinks data.
    • G2 Review: Difficult to bridge the gaps between insights, reports, deliverables, and implementation.

    Things to Consider About Conductor

    → What features are included and What is the charge for other add-ons or keyword overages?

    No one likes hidden fees or add-ons, especially when you’ve committed to a contract and are faced with no other option but to upgrade! Marketers tell us it's important to double check what features are included in your package before signing the agreement.

    → What is the definition of a “credit” and what services and offerings does that include?

    When you run out of credits at the arcade, it’s time to hand over more money. Understand just exactly what a "credit" gives you access to, and how many projects you can complete before they run out.

    → how does conductor provide ranking data for international engines and local, geo locations?

    Because of the integrations with third-party tools to provide ranking data, organizations that have a global presence or want to understand local search performance will want to understand where and how this ranking data is provided and how it can scale.

    → Is there backlink data available?

    Love them or hate them, backlinks will always be a part of the SEO conversation. Confirm that you can access backlink data with your subscription.

    → How do feature requests work across multiple integrated third-party tools?

    Everyone loves to benefit from tech innovations that make their lives easier. But when these innovations come from third-party vendors and partnerships within the Conductor platform, learn how that process works and if it's possible to make new requests or enhancements. 

    → How does support work from third-party tools?

    Familiarize yourself with the protocol if there are issues, questions, or training from the integrated third-party tools. How is this handled if there are issues?

    What Makes seoClarity Different From Conductor and BrightEdge?

    Nearly every brand that we work with has tested and trialed another solution and then upgraded to us because they reached some limitations.

    No Artificial Limitations or Surprise Charges

    Receive access to unlimited competitive comparisons, data downloads (take a million rows directly from the platform!), ranking data extracts, and crawl projects. Need unlimited keywords and domains too? We have a package for that!

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    Surfaces Advanced Insights in One Click

    seoClarity analyzes and provides insights based on your site's data to uncover hidden opportunities, eliminate guesswork, wasted time, and human error in SEO and site analysis with 120+ validated and verified insights from technical, content, internal links - even Schema.

    → Learn more about Actionable Insights

    Dedicated Support When You Need It

    You success is our success, every step of the way. From a smooth on-boarding process to regular calls with your dedicated Client Success Manager, know that you're receiving best-in-class support. Plus, our SEO Professional Services streamlines your organic search efforts. 

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    seoClarity is Built the Way SEOs Want to Work

    seoClarity is here to help you solve your most complex marketing problems. Our solutions are derived from data, so each SEO issue you encounter is solved in a way that's personal to your business.

    Technology that addresses real client needs

    seoClarity was built for SEOs by SEOs, our clients directly influence our platform roadmap: If two or more clients request a feature, we evaluate it and build it. This transparency allows us to be more than a software offering, we become a partner, too.

    interactive ranking analysis

    A collection of data from rank tracking isn't enough. Manipulate your data the way you want to tell the story you're looking for. Dynamically segment your data with keyword and page groups, and see the results on customizable dashboards that update automatically.

    Integrate your Search Console and analytics data for a comprehensive analysis of content performance in one centralized location. 

    Mobile-first keyword research data set

    Your users search on mobile — seoClarity rank checks every keyword every month on desktop and mobile and includes 4+ years of historical data. With seoClarity, marketers get access to the freshest, largest keyword research data set available at 30+ billion keywords across 170+ countries.   

    What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

    seoClarity has an overall score of 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra, while BrightEdge and Conductor score at 4.2 and 4.4 out of 5, respectively. Similarly, seoClarity has a score of 4.5 out of 5 on G2 (as does Conductor) while BrightEdge has a 4.3. 

    Captera Grayscale 1

    "In a word, outstanding. It would be exceedingly difficult to convince me to work with any other SEO company after working so successfully with seoClarity."

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    g2_grayscale 2

    "seoClarity has always had a deep commitment to providing rich and deep data and making sure that data is actionable, whether through insights in the UI or via the support team."

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    Frequently Asked Questions About seoClarity

    How much does seoClarity cost?

    Pricing for a platform varies by the number of tracked keywords and domains and the capabilities you need. If you're looking for limitless ranking data, we have a package for that too!

    Packages start at $3,000 per month. We have complete transparency on what's included in each plan right on our pricing page.

    What sets seoClarity apart?

    seoClarity centralizes your data and SEO all with no artificial limits, so the data is completely yours to manipulate. 

    Review key metrics and integrate Search Console and analytics data for complete segmentation all under one roof to drive insights and create the best search experience possible. 

    We think of SEO as search experience optimization, that is, we focus on the end user, not the search engine. It's this unique framework that has allowed us to be a small part of more than 3,500 brands' SEO success over the years.

    We go where no other SEO platform will! Head over to our FAQ page for the answers to all the questions about buying a SEO software that we've been asked in the last decade. 

    How do I get started?

    If you want to see seoClarity in action, go ahead and fill out the short form below. One of our Account Executives will set up a personalized demo of the platform so you can see first-hand how seoClarity can help you win at organic search. 

    Plus, a free 5-day trial is also available. 

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