Standing out amidst the sea of travel sites is no easy feat. Wanderlust-driven users are inundated with content from all angles, making it increasingly challenging to grasp their attention and retain their interest.

That's where understanding the entire search journey of your user comes in – these powerful insights enable you to navigate the minds of your audience and create comprehensive content that boosts the authority of your travel site.

We'll explore how it empowers you to anticipate your customer's needs, create what they didn't even know they wanted yet, and build a content fortress that keeps them coming back for more.


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What Is a User Search Journey? 

A user search journey encompasses the process a user takes when seeking information or solutions through online search engines. It starts with the initial search on a topic and is followed by subsequent searches for acquiring more information.

Below is an example of a page that has been optimized for the full user search journey. The page ranks for “vacation rentals near Banff Canada,” but it also has content that anticipates the users' next need, “top sights and attractions in Banff” and “your guide to Banff.” In addition, it also addresses questions the user might ask before booking their vacation rental such as “the best time to stay in a vacation rental in Banff.”

In doing so, the page is optimized for the full user search journey rather than one specific search.

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How seoClarity Provides the FULL User Search Journey

So how can you anticipate what a user will search for before and after your target search term?

Search Journeys, powered by Sia (seoClarity’s AI Assistant) enhances Topic Explorer with ChatGPT to provide insight into your audience's complete search journey.

Utilizing clickstream datasets and generative AI, Search Journeys predicts the keywords your audience is likely to search for before and after your selected keyword. By simply clicking "explore with Sia" next to the search bar, users gain access to a wealth of information far beyond traditional keyword research.


5 Applications of the Full User Search Journey for the Travel Industry

Let’s dive into how to apply a deep understanding of user intent to your SEO content strategy.


1. Anticipating Needs and Keeping Users Engaged

By analyzing user searches and content consumption patterns, digital marketers have the necessary knowledge to create content that the audience may not even know they want or need yet.

By being proactive in offering relevant content at various points in the customer journey, businesses enhance their user experience, build trust, and keep users engaged on their site for longer. As a result, users are more likely to convert and become repeat customers.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate how Search Journeys anticipates user needs to keep website visitors engaged for longer. For instance, after looking up “Flights to Western Canada,” a user may decide to book a flight to Banff and then adjust their search to find Banff flight deals or start looking into things to do in Banff.

If these examples don't resonate with your site, provide your email and we'll generate a Search Journey that fits your specific requirements.


2. Establishing Topic Authority and Expertise

Search Journeys helps content creators establish and maintain topic authority

By analyzing the searches users perform before and after landing on a specific topic, content creators have the ability to anticipate the users' needs based on the ranking page or keyword that brings them to the site.

In addition, digital marketers can identify gaps in their content or in their own knowledge about the topic. After all, we can’t know everything about everything!

Identifying and addressing those gaps helps your site become a more comprehensive and authoritative source in your niche or industry.

The examples below showcase additional topics to consider covering to enhance your credibility as a reliable authority on the target search terms.

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3. Organizing Site Maps and Enhancing Site Architecture

The insights provided by Search Journeys are also valuable for organizing site maps and enhancing site architecture by revealing the patterns of user searches.

Understanding the funnel progression allows content creators to align their site's categories and sections with the stages of the buyer journey, leading to better user navigation and engagement.

Here are three high-level queries illustrating how Search Journeys provides insight into a logical navigational site structure based on the path users typically take to find information. For example, a hotel site may have a page on hotel rates which leads to an accommodations page and then a page on amenities or reviews for that accommodation.

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4. Creating Local and Regional Content Strategies

Searches like "top Chicago attractions" highlight the importance of local and regional content strategies. Search Journeys helps content creators identify location-specific user needs and tailor their content accordingly.

The examples below highlight how Search Journeys helps guide local content strategies when entering search terms pertaining to a specific location. 

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5. Developing Macro-level Content Strategies

Search Journeys also enables users to analyze searches on a more macro-level. 

For instance, in the travel industry, this means understanding broader topics like "Navy Pier" and the related information users seek before and after searching for it. This broader perspective helps inform overall content strategies for travel brands.

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Search Journeys in Topic Explorer provides SEO professionals with valuable insights into user behavior, allowing them to plan content strategically, identify content gaps, enhance site authority, and improve overall user experience. 

This data-driven approach empowers them to create more relevant and engaging content that meets users' needs at different stages of their journey and keeps them on the site, leading to better business outcomes.

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