At seoClarity, every endeavor we undertake is driven by the desire to overcome our clients’ challenges. The integration of AI into the realm of SEO is no exception. 

We are thrilled to introduce FIVE groundbreaking applications of generative AI, seamlessly integrated into our platform to cater to every stage of the SEO journey.

But the purpose of AI Day isn’t merely to display our cutting-edge technology; it’s an invitation to glimpse into the future of enterprise SEO, a landscape poised for remarkable transformation.

Let’s dive in.


Table of Contents:


What the Heck Is an LLM?

First, let’s provide a little context.

Large Language Models, or LLMs, are the foundation on which technologies like ChatGPT and Bard are built. 



General purpose LLMs such as ChatGPT are trained on vast amounts of data from Wikipedia, the open web, and even licensed content sources. This allows them to have a lot of general knowledge. 

They're able to extract concepts, entities, and words which enables them to understand requests and generate responses. 


Buckle Up: The Pace of Change Is Accelerating

The seemingly human-like capability demonstrated by ChatGPT has sparked an unprecedented interest in artificial intelligence. 



Based on this graph, it doesn't look like the concept of artificial intelligence even existed before November 2022. In less than six months since ChatGPT’s release, the world around us has changed in ways no one could have imagined. 

If your head is spinning and you're trying to stay up to date on every new development in the LLM space, you're not alone. It's an absolute AI gold rush. 

Enterprises large and small are trying to figure out how to apply this technology to what they do.


Enterprise Concerns About Using General Purpose LLMs

The excitement surrounding generative AI doesn’t come without some level of apprehension. Key concerns that enterprise SEOs have about using general purpose LLMs include keeping data secure and confidential, as well as complying with a rapidly evolving legal landscape.



Enterprise SEOs also worry about losing control over how the technology is applied and the accuracy and reliability of outputs.


A Framework for Enterprise AI: The seoClarity AI Manifesto

At seoClarity, we’ve been working with AI for many years, but the recent emergence of generative AI technology gave us a reason to pause and step back. We had to think carefully before we started working on it. 

As a first step, our team set out to define a set of principles that guide what we develop. We call this the seoClarity AI Manifesto

  1. Core Purpose: The purpose of every technology that we build is to augment human capabilities rather than replace them. 
  2. Ethical, Responsible Use of AI: Our SaaS product will not be utilized to deceive users or engage in anti-competitive practices. 
  3. Data Privacy and Security: Your data security and privacy are non-negotiable. They are of paramount importance to us and nothing confidential should ever make it out of your or our control.
  4. Respect for Intellectual Property: Our AI SaaS product will not be designed or intended to facilitate the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or misuse of copyrighted materials.
  5. Continuous Improvement: We recognize that the field of AI is rapidly evolving, and we commit to staying at the forefront of advancements to keep our clients on the cutting edge.
  6. Customization & Control: We believe the only real moat is access to exclusive data. We will invest in both customizability of LLMs for each client’s purpose and control over how it is applied.

This manifesto is a living document for us and we'll refer back to it and update it constantly.


Our Goal: Accelerate Results

Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve results fast.

Developments in AI provide us with the tools needed to compress the time it takes to get you from data to insights to results. 



So you may be thinking, how does seoClarity add to the value that you can get from ChatGPT or other LLMs directly?

We’re so glad you asked…


Enterprise Ready AI: Enhancing the Power of LLMs

While LLMs possess a wealth of general knowledge, seoClarity sets itself apart by specializing in domain-specific and SEO-specific expertise.


Our Research Grid and Topic Explorer datasets are unrivaled in terms of the depth, breadth, and quality of data they provide. We possess extensive knowledge about your website, including the content on your pages, the keywords you rank for, your direct competitors, brand guidelines, and even your performance metrics.

Couple that with our unique capabilities in web crawling, data extraction, and natural language processing, and you unlock the power to unleash the full potential of LLMs.

Now, with that background in mind, it's time to shift gears and make our first exciting announcement. This new core capability will have a ripple effect throughout the entire platform, impacting each and every one of our valued clients.


Introducing Sia: Powered By ChatGPT

Let us introduce you to Sia, seoClarity's intelligent assistant. 

Sia is an AI-powered SEO assistant that is responsible, secure, customizable, and fully under your control. 

Think of Sia as your new team member, trained on a vast number of SEO-related tasks and available throughout the platform.


Sia’s Super Power: Multi-Model Capabilities

Sia’s superpower is that it is multi-model. We truly believe there is no single general-purpose model that excels at everything that SEOs and marketers want. 

That’s why Sia has the ability to plug into and use any number of different models that exist or may emerge in the future. This capability allows us and our clients to quickly identify the best model for every task and put it to use. 


Our ultimate goal is to develop personalized and secure LLMs for every client, tailored to their specific needs. These customized models will be trained on the data and subjects of your choosing, enabling their application to the areas you desire.


Sia Provides Assistance in Every Stage of SEO

So where can Sia help? The answer is everywhere

We are rolling out Sia’s capabilities throughout the platform to overcome challenges in each key area of SEO. 

Here are the first five:

  1. On-page content
  2. Content Fusion
  3. Keyword research
  4. Technical SEO
  5. SEO management


1. On-Page Optimization

Creating something as simple as new page titles and meta descriptions is often time-consuming and cumbersome. 

A seasoned SEO needs to analyze competitors, identify patterns in the titles, identify gaps against existing content, and then finally write or rewrite a new title. 



Sia streamlines and expedites the entire process with ease. It effortlessly guides you through each step, from competitor analysis to pattern identification, and swiftly gathers all the necessary data to propose a new rewrite–all within seconds.

Here's an example within Page Clarity details. Clients will now find Sia's lightning bolt icon next to every title on their page. 


With a simple click of a button, Sia gathers information on your competitors, references your target keywords, and creates a well-optimized page title to use as a starting point. All you have to do is review it, apply your own domain knowledge to it, and deploy it.

Sia also suggests rewrites for meta descriptions as well.


2. Content Fusion

We're also bringing Sia to Content Fusion. Content Fusion is one of the highest-rated features in the seoClarity platform. Clients love how the AI-generated insights help ensure that content is always authoritative on any topic. 

Sia takes Content Fusion to the next level, helping overcome the challenges of writer's block by creating well-researched outlines, generating paragraphs, and much more.


Upgraded AI Writer

Content Fusion's writer gets a major upgrade with Sia. Simply click Sia’s lightning bolt icon to generate an outline, draft a paragraph, or even rewrite existing content that's been pasted into the writer tool. 

Sia uses everything it knows about the topic and about you and applies its AI to complete each task. As an example, I had Sia generate an outline for the topic “sweatpants for women” in just a couple of seconds.


To get a thought process started, highlight certain sentences that you want to use as input and have Sia generate a starter paragraph.


It then creates a paragraph that you can then update, optimize, and customize with your knowledge about your products.


New “Content Profiles” Option

But that's not all. We're also releasing a new capability in Content Fusion called Content Profiles. 


Now you can specify exactly what audience, tone of voice, output language, and content type are for each piece of content you're working on, and Sia will ensure that these are followed specifically as you've defined.


3. Keyword Research

Next up in our list of releases is in Keyword Research, where we harness the power of Sia's AI capabilities to revolutionize the traditionally laborious and error-prone process of researching keywords.


Expand Beyond the Obvious

Topic Explorer is seoClarity's vast data set of over 32 billion keywords that are sourced from clickstream data sources. It's the world's largest, freshest, and highest-quality keyword research data set. 

Yet, when using Topic Explorer, we hear that SEO's dread missing out on important terms or concepts in the research. 

How do you know that the concept or the word you started your keyword research with is the right place to start? What could you have missed? 

In this example, there are over 6000 keyword matches in Topic Explorer for “things to do in Chicago.” Sia helps determine if that’s the right starting point.


Now when you conduct a search, Sia automatically identifies and surfaces closely related, but alternative ways, people search for the topic. This enables you to eliminate blind spots in your research.


Understand Your Audience

Sia is also able to explore the entire clickstream dataset to help uncover a much deeper understanding of your audience–something that was never possible before. 

For example, it understands the demographics of the audience searching for the keywords you're interested in. In the case of “things to do in Chicago,” it's tourists who are aged 18 to 65, middle to high income, and have interests in travel, culture, history, and food.

Use this information directly in the new Content Profiles in Content Fusion to ensure content speaks directly to your audience. 

In addition, Sia also highlights additional topic areas that your audience is interested in such as tourist attractions, restaurants, and museums.


Gain Insight Into the ENTIRE Buyer's Journey

Sia uses clickstream datasets to understand what people search for before they search for a keyword and after they search for a keyword. 


In the case of “things to do in Chicago,” Sia helps you identify upper-funnel terms that someone would search before they search for your target term and terms that are lower in the funnel. This gives you a much clearer picture of the entire buyer's journey.


4. Technical SEO

Sia is a phenomenal technical SEO assistant. For this release, we focused Sia on one of the biggest enterprise SEO challenges; internal link optimization. 

We get it. Internal link optimization is hard. It involves determining the appropriate linking structure, implementing the links, and assessing their effectiveness. 

But, it remains one of the most reliable methods to enhance your rankings, despite being underutilized by many enterprises. 

We want to help change that by automating internal linking for you.


Automating Internal Linking

Sia helps you understand and connect all the data that’s already present in seoClarity to build the perfect internal linking structure–from taking the data crawled in your site crawls, to building a link graph and identifying keywords on your content. 

It even overlays current performance to help prioritize and build semantic link clusters.


Links can then be appended to your category pages to improve your internal linking structure. Or they can be embedded-in context, taking unlinked mentions in your content and automatically converting them into linked mentions. 


5. SEO Management

Keyword research and internal linking, while cumbersome, are not the only tasks SEO's have to deal with. That’s why we built a scalable and actionable framework around Sia called Sia Actions.


This framework enables Sia to seamlessly connect with every available data point and capability, empowering you to define the specific steps you want Sia to undertake in your SEO process. 

Sia Actions will ultimately become an entire library of actions that clients can use, but let's start with a few simple examples.


Translate Keywords in Minutes

If you're a global multinational company with many websites and different languages, but a centralized SEO team, you probably manage keywords and performance in multiple languages.


Sia Actions grants you the ability to effortlessly translate every keyword in your account from one language to another. 

This seamless translation process automatically uploads the translated keywords back into the platform, allowing you to conveniently view them in Rank Intelligence.

What used to take a few hours now only takes minutes.


AI-Based Page or Keyword Grouping

Sia also excels at advanced AI-based tagging or groupings. 


Sia takes every keyword in your account and identifies which ones contain a city name, an airport code, a celebrity name, or any other category you would like, and tags those keywords for easier segmentation and reporting.


And That’s Just the Start

We have been thrilled to receive numerous ideas from our clients on how to harness the potential of Sia Actions and expand Sia's assistance across various areas of our platform.



Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we eagerly encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts. From summarizing reports to analyzing ranking declines, there are countless time-consuming tasks that Sia can effectively support. 

If you’re an seoClarity client, your Client Success manager will reach out to guide you on enabling these exciting new capabilities

If you're not, there is no better time to explore seoClarity and all that it has to offer. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

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