In the crowded landscape of finance websites, standing out is no easy task. With money-minded users flooded with information from all directions, capturing and retaining their attention is an uphill battle.

Understanding your user's complete search journey is the key. Insights into how users search enable you to navigate the minds of your audience and create comprehensive content that establishes your finance site's authority.

Below, we’ll explore how search journeys empower you to anticipate your customers' needs, proactively create content that captures their interest, and guide them along the path to conversion.

Table of Contents:

    1. Anticipating User Needs and Boosting Engagement

    2. Building Topical Authority

    3. Optimizing Site Maps and Elevating Site Architecture

    4. Crafting Regional and Local Content Strategies

    5. Shaping High-Level Content Strategies


The Definition of a User Search Journey

So what exactly is a user search journey?

Well, a user search journey is the process a person goes through when seeking out information or solutions through online search engines. It begins with a user's first search on a topic and continues as they make additional searches to gain more information.

For example, the page below on starting a new business has been optimized for the complete user search journey.

Whether the user is in the planning phase, forming their business, or is ready to set up banking, the page guides them along and provides resources for each stage. 

By doing so, this page is tailored to cater to the entirety of the user's search journey rather than focusing solely on addressing one specific search query.

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How to Uncover the FULL User Search Journey Using seoClarity

Understanding the full user search journey sounds amazing, but how do you accurately predict what a user will search for before and after your target term?

Introducing Search Journeys. Powered by Sia (seoClarity’s AI Assistant), Search Journeys enhances Topic Explorer by leveraging clickstream datasets and generative AI to anticipate the keywords searchers will likely input prior to and following your chosen keyword.

With a simple click on "explore with Sia" beside the search bar, users unlock a treasure trove of insights that transcend conventional keyword research.

Let's explore how to implement the deep insights Search Journeys provides into your SEO content strategy.


5 Applications of the Full User Search Journey for Finance Sites


1. Anticipating User Needs and Boosting Engagement

Through the analysis of user search behaviors and content consumption patterns, digital marketers gain valuable insights to craft content that their audience needs – before they even know they need it.

Proactively providing relevant content at various stages of the customer journey enhances the user experience, fosters trust, and prolongs user engagement. Consequently, users are more likely to convert and become loyal customers.

Below, we’ve provided a few examples of how Search Journeys predicts the needs of users to maintain their engagement. For instance, it shows how a user may initially searche for "home affordability calculator” and then decide to look into “home loans” as the next step in their journey. This could lead them to refine their search to “home loan eligibility” or “home loan rates.”

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2. Building Topical Authority

The insights from Search Journeys also empowers content creators to establish and maintain topic authority.

By analyzing users' pre- and post-searches related to a specific topic, content creators can proactively address user needs based on the ranking page or keyword that brought them to the site. 

Search Journeys also helps digital marketers instantly uncover content gaps and expand their knowledge about a given subject to cover it more comprehensively. Addressing these gaps establishes your website as an authoritative source in your niche or industry.

The following examples highlight additional topics to consider covering, strengthening your credibility as a trusted authority on the target search terms.

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3. Optimizing Site Maps and Elevating Site Architecture

The insights derived from Search Journeys help digital marketers optimize site maps and improve site architecture. 

By unveiling user search patterns, Search Journeys sheds light on the most logical organization strategies for site categories and sections based on the progression of the user journey. This leads to better navigation and engagement.

The three high-level queries below exemplify how Search Journeys offers guidance to structure a logical and user-friendly site navigation based on typical user search behavior. 

For instance, a bank’s website may include a page on personal finance or financial planning which links to a debt management page that ultimately guides the user to a page on debt consolidation or credit counseling.


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4. Crafting Regional and Local Content Strategies

Queries such as "mortgage lender in Chicago" showcase the value of creating local and regional content strategies. Search Journeys empowers content creators to pinpoint location-specific user interests and adapt their content around them.

The following instances reveal how entering location-specific terms into Search Journeys offers valuable guidance to shape local content strategies.

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5. Shaping High-Level Content Strategies

Search Journeys extends its analysis capabilities to the macro-level, allowing users to examine searches from a broader perspective.

For example, in the realm of finance, this involves understanding broader topics like "home financing" and the associated searches users conduct before and after. This macro-level perspective aids in shaping comprehensive content strategies for financial websites.

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Using the insights into user search behavior that Search Journeys in Topic Explorer provides, SEOs have the knowledge needed to create strategic content, identify content gaps, increase site authority, and improve user experience. 

By taking a data-driven approach to content creation, SEOs can also predict the needs of users and meet them at each stage of their journey to increase engagement and conversions.

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