How a Luxury Jewelry Brand Built a Framework for Making Data-Driven Content Decisions 

A North American luxury jewelry retailer with hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations and a vast ecommerce presence delivers value to their customers through their products and experiences with their brand. 

Their digital marketing team gathers data and implements strategy across the entire site based on the insights gathered from the seoClarity platform. 

Ahead of a site migration, the jewelry brand sought the guidance of the seoClarity Professional Services team to overcome anticipated challenges, including:

  • limited SEO resources to mitigate technical SEO needs
  • lack of an SEO framework for the whole team to have an impact on organic search performance. 

SEO Framework Brings Foundational Success in Organic Search

According to their senior digital marketing manager, the site migration introduced a few technical issues to their search performance. With hundreds of legacy pages, they knew some historical SEO value would be lost.

To help overcome this issue they prioritized their technical SEO and content opportunities with the desire to continue providing their customers with the experience they expected from the luxury brand.

Professional Services provided a view of short-, mid-, and long-term performance to show lifts and drops in traffic. The luxury brand created consistent and repeatable dashboards to report performance to their executive team. This helped the organization identify key opportunities within overall performance objectives. 

Specifically, the luxury brand and the Professional Services team followed seoClarity’s proprietary site migration framework to:

  • Monitor rank tracking performance before and after their site migration periods within their custom dashboards
  • Prioritize transactional and informational intent keywords to improve organic search performance
  • Initiate key alerts every 4 weeks in line with the company's core KPIs
  • Monitor the performance of keyword opportunities based on specific merchandising categories
  • Work with developers to improve the on-site user experience and maintain compliance with Google best practices when implementing default pagination, infinite scroll and splitting .XML sitemaps. 
  • Leverage Content Services from seoClarity to improve key pieces of content on their site, addressing metadata, updating headings and titles, and optimizing for their target keywords.

The luxury jewelry brand continued to work with the Professional Services team to implement data consistently throughout the organization to make informed decisions, therefore proving that an SEO framework was paramount to their continued success.

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Huge Wins: Incremental 100K+ Visits Over a 4-Month Period

Once they had built an SEO framework, the jewelry brand gained an improved understanding of the collaborative effort SEO requires to establish what is or is not working for on-page and off-page optimization. 

The team began to improve the search experience of the pages through content optimization. They leveraged content insights from the seoClarity platform’s suite of content optimization tools in order to grow the visibility on these key pages. 

After implementation, the team created a 15-week basic test comparing the performance of 60 eCommerce category pages that outperformed the control by 6% over the previous period. After this, the approach was replicated across several category pages and keyword targets.

They saw their content drive an incremental 100K visits over the 4-month period compared to the previous period.

Additionally, there was a huge jump in their traffic-driving keywords, adding visibility for 6,600 new keywords over this period as they targeted these objectives.

Data-Backed Decision Making is the Key to Continued Success

By leveraging more data throughout the organization, the luxury jewelry brand made informed decisions that influence their overall success in organic search. An SEO framework allowed them to leverage more data throughout the organization to make decisions about the site's organic search performance. 

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