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    Semrush vs. BrightEdge

    Access to fresh data is important for SEO success, but that's not all you need. The ability to manipulate that data without limitations or restrictions is just as important.

    Semrush vs. BrightEdge: A Comparison Analysis

    We took at look at SEO software titans, Semrush and BrightEdge, to share our findings of how the two compare with each other and show where seoClarity differs.

    Consider this post as the research you need to make an informed decision about investing in marketing technology. Since we're covering a lot of information, you can navigate throughout the content using the links below. 


    Semrush Overview

    Semrush is an online visibility and SaaS platform composed of more than 40 tools.

    They are intended for mid-sized to large companies, in-house marketing teams, and agencies (but can be a viable solution for freelancers, too), and overall address the following marketing categories: SEO, content, market research, advertising, or social media marketing.

    26 tools fall under the SEO category, split across keyword research, on-page SEO, local SEO, rank tracking, link building, competitor SEO analysis. 

    We've outlined a few tools for each respective category:

    • Keyword Research: Keyword overview, organic research, keyword magic tool
    • On-Page SEO: Site audit, on-page SEO checker, log file analyzer
    • Local SEO: Listing management, position tracking
    • Rank Tracking: Position tracking, sensor (volatility tracking), ranks (uncover domains with the most organic visibility)
    • Link Building: Backlink audit tool, backlink analytics
    • Competitor SEO Analysis: Organic research, keyword gap

    Semrush offers three main plans and free trial options. 

    Semrush Reviews

    Semrush is popular among SEOs and digital marketers and includes tools both for SEO and other digital marketing channels. These are typically smaller sites that only need to track up to 5,000 keywords and who are just getting started.

    Here are a few reviews from Semrush users: 

    • G2 Review: There are charges for additional user seats.
    • G2 Review: Consistent training required to use the product well.
    • Reddit: Yearly price increases for the same or less functionalities. 

    Things to Consider About Semrush

    If you're reading this as someone shopping around for an SEO and marketing solution for your business, you'll want to be sure to consider following:

    → The cost of additional users to use Semrush.

    SEO data adds value to every team in an organization.

    To get the most out of your investment, it helps when your entire content team, IT team, product, and merchandising team have access to the data and insights within the software and can incorporate the data into their workflows. 

    → What access in the keyword research dataset do you need for your SEO program?

    There are a few things you’ll want to consider here: Check freshness and frequency of the ranking data, know if search volume shows seasonality trends, and be aware of any limitations if you need to download and manipulate data.

    → What features are included in the package or plan?

    This menu is à la carte and the starting price starts at $119.95 per month according to their website. Be sure you understand what features you have access to — and what you’re paying for. Additional capabilities can add up quickly. 

    → What training, support, and other SEO services are available?

    Most specialized tools have online videos for onboarding and training, and some have a customer service support center. Know if you'll have a point of contact should a question or problem arise with the use of the software. 

    → Verify how Semrush trends the performance data of your site and that of the competition.

    SEO data is only as powerful as your ability to analyze it. Be sure to understand segmentation abilities so you’re not left with a pile of data that you can’t manipulate for your unique reporting needs. 

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    Our SEO tools comparison page has all the research you need to make an informed decision on SEO software.

    BrightEdge Overview

    BrightEdge is an enterprise-level solution that allows its users to identify customer demand and intent to create well-optimized content. It’s built for SEOs, digital marketers, content marketers, and CMOs. 

    They work with B2B and B2C clients in verticals like finance, retail, automotive, and ecommerce.

    Their solution claims to transform content into bona fide business results, including traffic, conversions, and revenue.

    BrightEdge groups its product offerings into three categories: Discover Demand, Create Optimized Content, and Measure Results.

    Some of their solutions include:

    • Data Cube: SEO research to build content strategies
    • Share of Voice: Page-level competitor performance
    • Content IQ: SEO audits to resolve site errors
    • Recommendations: SEO recommendations for your existing content
    • StoryBuilder: performance dashboards
    • Page Reporting: Page performance analyses

    Beyond search, content, local, and mobile, BrightEdge also promotes their social features, which they say allow you to increase the performance of your Facebook and Twitter campaigns. 

    No pricing information is offered on BrightEdge's website, since they operate on a quote basis.

    BrightEdge Reviews

    We hear from a lot of clients that evaluate both us and BrightEdge. Here are a couple of reviews from verified users on G2:

    • G2 Review: A lot of data manipulation is required to get really advanced SEO insights
    • G2 Review: A good solution, but very questionable pricing policies.
    • G2 Review: Useful, but other tools are required for a full picture.

    Things to Consider About BrightEdge

    → Do ROI Projections include all of your site’s keywords moving to position one or just a subset?

    When BrightEdge offers ROI projections, dig into what that includes. Make sure the forecasts for traffic are feasible. A good measure of this is to determine what percentage of your overall keyword universe can you actually improve to position one.

    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    → Verify the quality, frequency, and the number of markets/countries in the DataCube that you require.

    Enterprise SEOs especially need to work from a single source of truth — that is, a centralized dataset that you can trust. If you are a global company, are all countries included? What is the frequency of updates for ranking data in DataCube?

    No one wants to work with outdated data! Because we live in a mobile-first world, check what percentage of their keyword dataset includes mobile ranking data. 

    → What is actually included in the contract and package?

    This may seem like an obvious thing to check, however, no one likes surprise charges later, especially not your management. Understand exactly what is included in your package (that includes support, training, and capabilities!).

    Also, double check you’ll get access to new features that are added in BrightEdge. You don’t want to make another business case for more investment further down the road.

    → Can I conduct a competitive analysis of multiple competitors?

    Monitoring the competition is nearly as important as monitoring your own data. That’s where so much opportunity lies, so the ability to analyze any competitor’s ranking data is crucial. Find out what limitations or number of competitors you can track.

    → Understand the breadth and depth of the recommendations that come from the BrightEdge recommendations engine.

    On-page recommendations you can get from any tool. The benefit of an all-in-one SEO platform is insights and recommendations come from all of your site data. Optimizations and recommendations should cover much more than “add a keyword to your page title or H1”.

    Make sure it covers technical SEO, content and page updates, schema recommendations, and internal and external link opportunities.

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    What Makes seoClarity Different?

    Nearly every brand that we work with has tested and trialed another solution, ultimately upgrading to us because they reached some limitations. Here are just some of the ways we provide value to advanced SEO teams.

    No Artificial Limitations or Limited Access

    SEO brings value to every team in an organization, so it doesn't make sense to us to charge for additional users. Everyone on your team that needs access can leverage the data that they need, all without limitations — from unlimited competitive comparisons, role-based access, unlimited crawls, data downloads and custom data extracts, dashboards, and all SEO metrics.

    → How various teams use an SEO platform

    Advanced, Site-Specific Insights in Seconds

    With 120+ validated and verified insights — from technical, content, internal links, and even Schema — our platform's technology uncovers hidden opportunities so you're not buried in analysis. Eliminate the guesswork and human error that so often occurs in SEO and site analysis, and trust the data instead. Plus, this streamlines your task management! 

    → Meet your AI-Driven Content Assistant

    Mobile-First Keyword Research Dataset

    It's no secret your users search on mobile; shouldn't your keyword data reflect that? seoClarity grants you access to the entire search landscape with the most competitive keyword dataset with every keyword rank checked every month. It gives you the competitive insights you need to succeed in a mobile-first world.

    → Access the quality data you deserve

    Explore the Platform >

    seoClarity is Built the Way SEOs Want to Work

    seoClarity is here to help you solve your most complex marketing problems. We rely on data, not best practices, so each problem is met with a personalized solution.

    Technology that Addresses Real Client Needs

    Our clients directly influence our platform roadmap: If two or more clients request a feature, we evaluate it and build it. This transparency allows us to be more than a software offering it's a partnership, too.

    Daily and Ad Hoc Ranking Data

    Monitor daily insights to prevent any detrimental ranking drops that could have been addressed and prevented.

    Interactive ranking analysis

    Get your data how and when you want it. It's like a BI tool for your SEO data. Compare and contrast up to 27+ metrics and enter in any competitor on the fly. Apply filters to segment your data by page and keyword groups or content types.

    Support when you need it

    We offer world class support that prioritizes your success. Your dedicated Client Success Manager provides you with unique insights and trainings so you constantly get the most from the platform.

    Captera Grayscale 1

    "I've used a lot of different SEO platforms in my career and seoClarity is easily my favorite."

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    "The collaboration and overall experience is such that they seem to be an internal team invested in and owning our success."

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    Frequently Asked Questions About seoClarity

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    Our pricing is determined by your number of keywords and domains. 

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    To start: we honestly care about our clients' success. When you win, we celebrate!

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