As we enter the final quarter of the year, we compiled a Saas industry benchmark study to check out how our clients are performing after a year of investment with seoClarity. 

For this study, we took a look at nearly two dozen Enterprise SaaS companies (primarily B2B) that use the seoClarity platform. Not to give anything away, but the YoY results are incredible.

Of course, the amazing SEO growth shown below would not be possible without our clients' unyielding commitment to SEO and their consistent investment in content. 

We are proud to partner with and help our clients achieve the strides in visibility, rankings, and traffic that they’ve made over the past year.

Table of Contents:

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First, Some Key Insights

  • Content is king for B2B SaaS companies.
  • Substantial opportunities continue to exist to increase coverage of content topics.
  • There is a significant opportunity to grow visibility in the top three positions, specifically by creating “greenfield” content on untapped subjects.


94.4% of Companies Saw an Increase in Their Top 3 Rankings

The vast majority of B2B Enterprise SaaS companies in our study (94.4%) saw an increase in their top three rankings–the highest visibility ranking positions–year-over-year. 

On average, the number of ranking keywords in the top three positions increased by an incredible 55.3%. The lowest growth in the top three rankings was 1%, the highest growth was 200%, and the median growth was 43%.


Traffic Grew 24.2% On Average Due to Increased Ranking Pages

Growth in the top three rank positions manifested itself in a 24.2% growth in traffic on average. The lowest growth was 3.9%, the highest growth was 50.1%, and the median traffic growth was 16%.

When digging into the source of this growth, we found that a major driver was new ranking content.

For nearly three-quarters (73%) of Enterprise SaaS companies, traffic growth was caused by an increase in their number of ranking pages on Google.

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The Average Number of Ranking Pages Grew By 33.6%

Over the past year, the average count of ranking pages for our SaaS clients increased by 33.6%. 

So how did these clients increase their number of new ranking pages so significantly?

We observed that the increase is primarily a result of their continued investments in content marketing and their efforts to resolve crawling and indexation issues.

Within the seoClarity platform, clients have the ability to create relevant, authoritative content at an enterprise scale using the industry’s only built-in AI-driven content workflow. To tackle technical SEO issues, we also offer unlimited site audits that conduct over 100 technical health checks and crawl five times faster to quickly identify and resolve issues impeding your site’s performance.


Only 15% of Companies Grew Top 3 Rankings Without Increasing Ranking Pages

Of companies that did not increase their number of ranking pages in the past year, only 15% experienced growth in their top three rankings. 

This finding solidifies our hypothesis that continued investments in content marketing are crucial to growing visibility fast.

Additionally, the only companies that saw a decline in their top three rankings and traffic were those that did not increase ranking pages.

In other words, companies that invested in gaining new rankings did not see any declines in their top three rankings or traffic.



To conduct our study, our dataset comprised seoClarity’s 3,500+ Enterprise clients representing 16 major industries which collectively generated over 1 billion clicks a month from organic search. 

Specifically, we focused on clients in the Saas industry, primarily B2B enterprises belonging to major SaaS brands, which accounted for approximately 20 million monthly clicks from organic visits. 

Our analysis compared data from September 2022 to that of September 2023, providing a comprehensive overview of the performance trends in the SaaS industry over this period.


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