A multi-domain global sporting goods enterprise experienced an impressive YoY traffic lift with an SEO strategy to support their growth goals.

Challenge: Increase Search Visibility of Non-Branded Keywords

The enterprise wanted to expand its reach and increase traffic from non-branded keywords to achieve its annual growth goals. They faced stiff competition in the fast-paced sports industry, which made it challenging to monitor trends and stay ahead of the curve.


Solution: Granular Reporting With Custom SEO Dashboards

To overcome these challenges, the enterprise turned to seoClarity. 

The team first worked to set up custom dashboards to monitor YoY growth across non-branded keyword groups for various product categories on their site. 

With seoClarity’s unlimited, custom dashboards and automated reporting, the SEO team was able to compare against their top competitors and uncover trending insights in real time, just as they had desired. This helped them identify areas of opportunity to increase search visibility. 

They also leveraged Rank Intelligence, which provided them with dynamic insights and unlimited data exploration at the subdomain, folder, and URL level. 

With Actionable Insights, they were able to prioritize the high-impact on-page changes that were low-effort for their team.

This helped them move from data to execution much faster to help them achieve YOY growth. 


Results: Overall 115K YoY Traffic Increase

Hard work paid off for the sporting goods enterprise SEO team. Between October 2021 and November 2022, they saw the following results: 

  • A 115K YoY Organic Traffic Increase across their site 



  • A 57K increase in organic traffic for non-brand terms


  • A 27% increase in the number of unique pages ranking




The SEO team not only achieved their YoY traffic goals, but they also built a repeatable process within seoClarity to continue their success in the future. 

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