Spending too much time on search engine optimization strategy might have you wishing there was a magic button to completely automate your SEO, but is that actually possible? 

With so many SEO automation solutions on the market, you need to trust that a) you’re not over-investing in disparate tools, and b) you’re simplifying your process in order to scale your overall search performance.

So, is it possible for an SEO platform to provide full content automation? 

The answer is yes… and no.

In this post, I will get to the bottom of this question and answer by addressing: 

So, let's dive in. 

The Challenge of Over-Automating Your SEO

Putting your SEO on autopilot might seem like a good way to scale your efforts, especially if you are working with limited resources of budget, time, staff, or all of the above. But, an automated solution cannot take the place of someone who can carry out your company’s SEO strategy to the fullest. 

Of course, that’s not to say that some parts of your SEO efforts cannot be automated - in fact, I often inform our prospects that they can do more in the way of automation. Reporting? Automate it. Keyword research? Automate it! Site crawls and technical audits? Automate that, too! 

Unfortunately, we see a lot of businesses coming to us because they’ve been promised the world with automatic SEO and quickly come to find that it’s not possible for their enterprise because they lack a key ingredient - a human person to execute the strategy of what a tool tells them to do.

When it comes to their content creation, these same brands struggle to create content at scale because they presume that their SEO tool will go ahead and write the content for them as well. 

It is most certainly possible to automate your SEO, and you absolutely should if you hope to scale your brand and improve your search visibility. There are so many SEO tools on the market that can help you do just that. However, if you lack the resources to invest in an individual who can execute on what these tools tell you to do, automation will unfortunately backfire leaving you with more work than you had before you set out to automate your SEO.

Think about it. If everyone was on autopilot when it came to their SEO, there would be search mediocrity across the board. Successful brands roll up their sleeves and do the necessary work to be successful at search engine optimization.That human element of SEO is responsible for the art of crafting great content for a brand that users are actually seeking, as it takes a human person to craft a creative story while also implementing sound SEO strategy to drive brand success. 


How to Automate for SEO and Still Create Amazing Content

Understanding the challenge of too much automation is not a reason to shy away from solutions that will help you scale. Ultimately, having an SEO manager or a dedicated content manager to utilize the automation tool is your best bet for overall success. 

Content Fusion is our solution to the over-automation problem, and, from soup-to-nuts, provides those who use it with an incredible experience in creating optimized content that results in improved search visibility. With this feature, we take a specific, data-driven approach to your content needs. We give the client the ability to be the hero and know exactly what is affecting their site content; we also provide them with the knowledge and the tools to be able to come up with the solution on how to fix it. 

This goes beyond your cookie cutter, press-a-button SEO automation and requires a certain level of human creativity (for writing the content) alongside data-backed AI (for informing the writer on what to create). 

To start, let’s imagine your business wants to rank for a particular target term. We take this term and plug it into Content Fusion which tells us exactly what you need to do to rank. The beautiful thing about Content Fusion is that it is far beyond different than anything users have seen in any other SEO platform. 

Yes, we’ve seen semantic keyword identification in other tools, but just using those terms throughout your content won’t help you rank. It comes down to contextual relevance and having a tool that will pinpoint exactly what Google is considering when determining if your content is what users are looking for. 

As the landscape changes, the result set changes, meaning the data that you receive from within Content Fusion is the latest data that determines what the user needs to do in order to rank for a specific term. 

Let’s use the term “marvel avengers” as an example. Say you want to rank for this term; using Content Fusion, you can pinpoint exactly what Google is looking for in content around this topic, and what are the terms that everyone is using so that you can understand contextual relevance to create content of your own. 

And anyone can use this; whether you’re an SEO or a new content writer, no matter your level of expertise on a particular subject, Content Fusion is the best way to gain insight into what content to create in order to rank for your desired keyword set.

Unsure of how to use a term in the content you’re building? Content Fusion provides users with context within the suggested terms list. Looking at the above terms, writers unsure of the phrase “square enix” for example can drill down into that term for ranking content context, clicking through to the content that appears in the SERP directly from within Content Fusion. 


How to Use the Terms Within Content Fusion

Many times, we'll get the question, "How many times do I need to use a term that Content Fusion tells me to use?" and to that we say there is no answer. There is no data that says directly that you will rank better depending on how many times you use a particular term or phrase. 

The bottom line is this: in order for Google to find something authoritative, it has to be written by a human. The moment we say, “You have to use this keyword X-amount of times”, we take away the power of the content writer to create great copy. Content Fusion gives copywriters and content creators the ability to do just that! 


Content Fusion is instrumental in providing real-time actionable insights for our users to determine what to create next as part of their strategy. As an AI-driven feature within our platform, Content Fusion applies machine learning  to aid content creation, letting users become subject matter experts on any topic and reaching their audience faster than ever imagined.