Thirty Madison, a human-first healthcare startup, is making specialized care and clinically-proven treatments accessible and affordable for everyone through condition-specific brands.

Each site for all of their brands is customized for the chronic condition, which presents some technical and content challenges for their content marketing and engineering teams. They work closely to assess these challenges and identify opportunities. 

Thirty Madison makes the work seem effortless in providing the most authoritative site on their subject matter in the categories of chronic migraines (Cove), hair loss (Keeps), and acid reflux (Evens). 

Content at Scale for Overall Increase in Visibility and Traffic 

For two of their brands, Thirty Madison increased investment in their content creation - from net new content creation to content optimization - to deliver on all aspects of the SEO lifecycle to achieve their success. 

seoClarity provides them with the data, insights, and SEO workflows to drive their site improvement decisions in the following ways:

Topic Explorer to Conduct Research

Thirty Madison’s lead SEO uses Topic Explorer to discover new demand in relation to their target terms in order to build the most authoritative content. With baseline topics yet to be discovered, Topic Explorer provides the team with a foundational strategy of new content opportunities to support their overall site authority. 

Content Fusion to Scale Content Creation

Leveraging the content briefs generated by Content Fusion, the team views all the information required to create the content and build authority in one, quick document shared among their writing staff. Backed by AI-driven insights, the team evaluates whether or not their content will be relevant to their audience, eliminating days of additional research which allows them to produce content faster than previously imagined with continual optimization efforts. 

Content Fusion gives users a way to stop to content chaos and optimize their copy at scale. Try it out for yourself with our two week free trial of Content Fusion to shatter content records and improve the content strategy at your organization.

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Reporting for Improved Performance

The Thirty Madison team focuses on monitoring their monthly and quarterly performance to their executive team, discovering opportunities to create content around highly niche topics to address clients’ top health concerns. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they leveraged the timely Google Trends capability within seoClarity to identify their target audience’s concerns to be as helpful as quickly as possible, evaluating whether one particular trending keyword was feasible to win in their space. 

Results Delivered

So, what has all of this work resulted in for Thirty Madison? The team has seen a significant increase in their keyword footprint, which has led to more impressions and more clicks for their brands. 

For their Keeps brand, Thirty Madison saw the following results within 12 months: 

  • An increased ranking keyword footprint by 222%
  • An increase in clicks by 115%
  • An increase in impressions by 84% 

They identified which pages saw the most growth in this brand’s site, thanks to opportunity discovery in Topic Explorer and optimization of several specific pieces of existing content through Content Fusion. 


12-month traffic increase for Thirty Madison's Keeps brand

For their Cove brand, Thirty Madison identified competitive content opportunities and experienced the following results in the same YOY period:

  • An increased ranking keyword footprint by 714%
  • An increase in Top 3 keyword rankings by 2490%
  • Clicks increased by 191%
  • Impressions increased by 105%

Traffic Increase over a 12-month period for the Cove brand site.


Thirty Madison continues to use the platform to the fullest, leveraging content workflows, reporting capabilities, and deep pools of data to drive their unprecedented success. 

For brands who are looking to work through challenges and identify opportunities to improve their organic search results, an enterprise SEO platform is the best solution for optimizing at scale.

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