A B2B SaaS company offering advanced martech solutions to enterprise-level clients sought to improve their traffic by scaling their content creation and content optimization output. 

The content marketing team struggled, however, with understanding the full scope of ways in which their audience was searching for their subject matter and was therefore challenged to write authoritative content for their industry. 

Thanks to seoClarity, the team had a powerful solution at their disposal to overcome these challenges by way of Content Fusion, which they anticipated would quickly and precisely help them determine new content topic opportunities, monitor existing content for potential improvement, and manage overall site performance to set them on a path toward growth in organic search traffic. 

Using an Enterprise SEO Platform to Drive Decision-Making for Content Creation and Optimization

To create new content, the B2B SaaS company utilized the integrated workflow in seoClarity, starting with their 5-step keyword research strategy, determining the true opportunity in the market, and identifying content gaps in their existing content. They hired an additional writer to interview internal industry experts based on this research and topic discovery process.

Then, for their existing content, the team relied on seoClarity’s deep data and insights to determine which traffic-driving pages are ripe for improvement, specifically leveraging Content Fusion to address these optimization opportunities, including:

  • Suggested topics and keywords missing from the published content
  • Internal linking opportunities
  • Meta data guidance
  • Competitors ranking in the search results
  • Content length of currently ranking content

The power of Content Fusion impacts our clients in so many ways - from more traffic-driving keywords and more YOY site traffic to improved content through content analysis. Read how 7 of our clients experience success with our AI-driven content writer.

Success Using Content Fusion

Increased Content Output Drives Immediate Results

The team began to experience exceptional results and noticed massive growth as a result of how they scaled operations. 

In just three short months, the team averaged 20 new content pieces per month thanks to the data and insights the writer gained from within Content Fusion’s content briefs. Prior to this increase in content output, the team was averaging about 6 new pieces of content every month — a 233% increase in content published on their site

Through their use of the seoClarity platform, they uncovered more optimization opportunities as well. By using Content Fusion to optimize the pages and articles that were just out of the top ten ranking for their target keywords, the team noticed the following in their overall performance: 

  • A 76% increase in YTD traffic
  • An 85% growth in YOY traffic in the last 15 weeks
  • A 116% increase in organic traffic YOY

In one instance of optimizing a key page, the team noticed a surge of impressions within one day of refreshing and updating the content. 

Content Fusion updates led to an increase in impressions in just one day!

Monitoring Traffic Successes of Updated Content

This small team relies on categorizing their updated pages, making it easy to track and report on their success. Perfect for enterprise organizations similar to the B2B SaaS company looking to see the aggregate success of large sites at scale, this way of tracking performance allows the team to see where the updated content continues to receive traffic.


Traffic Analysis of Updated Content YOY

Once the trend appears to plateau or take a downward turn, the team can precisely identify what page requires attention to lift traffic performance simply by selecting their category page tag and analyzing the traffic week-over-week.

The team strategizes monthly to identify areas for content optimization and then begins their workflow to continue lifting their content in the SERP and improving their traffic numbers. 

Consistent Optimization Drives Continued Authority

In leveraging Content Fusion, this B2B SaaS brand consistently updates their content to improve their traffic performance by building content authority in ways they never thought possible. With the ability to organize content and keywords into different site segments within the platform, the team can regularly report on these improvements with confidence and accuracy. 

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