A pet services and supplies brand* has experienced rapid, global growth over the last several years and needed an SEO solution to help scale their organic performance. 

*Out of respect for our client, this story of their success is anonymous. 

Challenge: Sourcing Accurate Ranking Data

With their fast-paced growth and newfound international presence, the SEO team needed to focus on local performance and monitoring, but their solution at the time wasn’t providing the accuracy of data they required. 

They also relied on a variety of point solutions to cobble their data together, which often resulted in delayed and outdated reporting. 

The SEO team required an all-in-one solution that would provide them with reliable local ranking data. Specifically, they wanted to see keyword and location relationships for their target products and services. 

Solution: Local Rankings at Scale

The company’s SEO team chose seoClarity as their new enterprise SEO solution due to the amount of rank tracking capabilities provided, which allowed them to monitor and analyze local listings down to the zip code. 

seoClarity was the only solution to provide the segmentation that would help the SEO team understand performance by market area, product or service offerings, and page type. 

This was the granularity of data they needed to conduct detailed and accurate reporting, which allowed them to better speak to performance by precise location, track accurate local rankings in any country within their global expansion, and conduct local SEO ranking analysis - all within one, convenient solution.

They also appreciated the ease of seoClarity’s integration within their own data warehouse. 

In addition to seoClarity’s local ranking capabilities, the brand could also analyze ranking performance against all content types that appeared in the SERP. 

With these data and insights in hand, the path was clear for them to achieve massive organic growth that paralleled their growing international brand presence. 

Results: Amazing 1.1M Increase in Estimated Traffic YoY

Armed with the accurate and reliable local ranking to enable the insights they required, the pet supply enterprise experienced the following results: 

  • A +51% increase in estimated traffic over a 12-month period from March 2020 to February 2021, over a 1.1M increase

  • A +49% increase in top-ranking keywords (positions 1-3) over a 12-month period

  • A 16% increase in unique pages ranking over a 6-month period from September 2021 - February 2021

The optimizations and initiatives the team implemented as a result of their insights from local rankings not only fostered the above results, but also led to an astounding +859% increase in traffic over the same 12-month period to the brand’s ecommerce-specific subdomain. 


With more accurate and reliable rank tracking and the ability to analyze daily rankings segmented by market and product area, the pet services company’s SEO team saw amazing organic increases across the board that set the stage for continued growth. 

The constant stream of trustworthy data opened the doors to a whole new world of analysis and strategy to drive organic search growth - something that other SEO platforms were not able to offer.

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