Drizly is the largest online marketplace for alcohol in North America, available to 100M+ customers. They offer personalized content, a wide variety of consumer options, and competitive pricing within their e-commerce shopping experience.  

Their marketing team wanted to understand the relationship between their site content and click through rate, so they decided to analyze a month’s worth of content to evaluate performance. 

Relevant Content With Content Fusion

As a client of seoClarity, the ecommerce platform was already leveraging Content Fusion, but wanted to prove its value and showcase their content success within the organization. 

Content Fusion has specifically helped Drizly’s marketing team identify:

  • Important keywords to use within their content 
  • A variety of popular questions related to their keywords to address in their content
  • Keyword difficulty of their target terms

Additionally, the team has used Content Fusion to help them rank for more competitive keywords, answer more questions in line with what consumers want to know about their services, and better engage with their audience through content creation and content optimization.

One-Month Analysis of Content Performance and CTR

To gain insight on click through rate and prove the value of their content creation efforts within the organization, the team ran a test comparing two data sets: 

  • Content performing in the SERP created with and without Content Fusion
  • Pages based on impressions created with and without Content Fusion

Overall, the pages made without Content Fusion had higher impressions, clicks and CTR; however, most of that content was backed by paid initiatives through SEM which likely skewed the results. 

Indexed Blog Pages Over a One Month Period
  Impressions Clicks CTR Average Position
Without Content Fusion 108,434 2,540 0.35 6.3
With Content Fusion 51,663 2,258 0.52 6.8
𝚫% 52.36% 11.10% 31.65% 0.50


It’s also helpful to note that in the month analyzed, more Content Fusion pages were indexed with performance data than non-Content Fusion pages. 

While the non-Content Fusion content had higher impressions and clicks, the content created with Content Fusion had a 31.6% higher CTR than non-Content Fusion content, proving that this content is more engaging to their target audience and drives more clicks per impression.  

In their second analysis of content performance, the team looked at the test group (determined by impressions) created with and without Content Fusion to see how the top content in each category stacks up against each other. 

Test Group Over a One Month Period




Average Position

Without Content Fusion





With Content Fusion











Again, the content made without Content Fusion drove higher impressions, likely due to the aforementioned paid marketing efforts. 

Of the pages in both categories, clicks were significantly higher on the posts that leveraged Content Fusion and had a 92% higher CTR than content that did not use Content Fusion. 

Drizly’s Content Drives More Clicks With Content Fusion

The team at Drizly proved that Content Fusion works. By leveraging its guidelines, adding suggested terms and topics as well as frequently asked questions to their content, Drizly article pages drove more clicks to their Content Fusion content.

This demonstrated to their team that Content Fusion helped them create more relevant blogs for their audience, putting the right content in front of the right readers at the right time.

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