Whether shopping for a new or used vehicle, chances are high that a car buyer’s search begins online. 

As a matter of fact, a September 2020 survey of vehicle consumers suggests that 80% of car buyers prefer to conduct their search for a car online before considering visiting a dealership (Forbes, October 2021). 

Consumers are also more likely to shop around online for the competitive pricing (78%), conduct credit checks for car financing (74%), and review automotive warranties (73%) behind a device screen before getting behind the wheel. 

Add a noisier-than-ever SERP, and these statistics indicate that automotive retailers must place heavy priority on their site’s SEO if they want to make a sale. 

The following success stories highlight four seoClarity clients* in the auto industry who have accelerated their organic traffic goals by leveraging the data, technology, and support services offered by seoClarity.

*Out of respect for our clients, we’ve anonymized their brands. 

4 Stories of Enterprise SEO Success Within the Auto Industry 

+41% YoY Increase in Unique Pages Ranking Following Technical and Content Audits

A North American ecommerce site offering information on new and used vehicles relied on site audits conducted by seoClarity’s SEO Professional Services team. 

Relying on the deep ocean of data within the seoClarity platform, the Professional Services team started with an initial site health check to act as a benchmark for the ecommerce site’s team to be more proactive in identifying areas for technical improvement across their site. 

This was the catalyst for the automotive brand’s team to request a technical site audit and a content audit from Professional Services. These opportunities helped the team identify new content opportunities and technical SEO updates  to provide them with the biggest ROI.  

Because of this, the team saw a +41% increase in unique pages ranking across their massive site from October 2020 - September 2021. 

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Online Car Marketplace Experiences +32% Increase in Traffic-Driving Keywords Over 6 Months With Improved Reporting 

A popular online car marketplace optimized content across their entire site. In analyzing performance over time, they discovered an error in their own reporting that caused them to miss out on key traffic-driving terms. 

With the help of their Client Success Manager, they first used Page Clarity to correctly manage their list of top URLs that they wanted to focus on. Then, they researched the traffic-driving terms to optimize these pages for. To tie it all together, they built a custom dashboard to track the associated keywords. 

With the newfound insights and at a glance reporting, the online car marketplace better analyzed which pages to optimize to  lead to a +32% increase in traffic-driving keywords over a 6-month period. 

+1.29M Traffic Increase in 6 Months for Car Pricing Database Thanks to SEO Segmentation

A car pricing database required niche, localized reporting, but didn’t have an accurate and reliable way to get a granular look at their data.

With seoClarity’s SEO segmentation, they used dynamic tagging to organize data by search intent, industry, folder, sub-domain, brand and non-branded terms, and more to better track their organic results. 

seoClarity even helped the enterprise site build custom segments, in order to match their site architecture and unique category page names. This helped build a clear reporting structure for the entire team to follow.

The team also learned how to group and sort data across the platform with a particular RegEx pattern for deeper analysis, something that was easy to do right within seoClarity, thanks to the foresight of their Client Success Manager.   

With the ability to accurately analyze their data at a hyperlocal level, the enterprise team experienced a +1.29M traffic increase (38%) in 6 months.

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+58% Increase YoY in Traffic-Driving Keywords for Online Used Car Marketplace

An online used car marketplace needed a way to expand their keyword footprint at scale to parallel their brand’s accelerated growth. 

They leveraged seoClarity’s Topic Explorer to conduct deep research, and gain new insights to expand their keyword universe. 

With NLP and AI-driven keyword associations, Topic Explorer allows teams to uncover a complete understanding of all keyword opportunities in all the ways an audience searches. Backed by the freshest and largest dataset available, Topic Explorer helped this brand uncover new audiences and expand their overall visibility. 

Access to Topic Explorer plus the team’s use of seoClarity’s content optimization workflows supported a +58% YoY lift in keywords ranking in the top 20 (that’s just over 88,000 keywords!). This aligned with the brand’s roadmap to improve performance over their traffic-driving pages. 

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As more and more consumers take to online sites to conduct research before they step foot in a dealership, it’s paramount that automotive brands think critically about their SEO. 

This means that brands like the above must lean into SEO workflows, centralizing their team’s approach to SEO, and untapping deep data and insights offered by an award-winning technology, all backed by the proactive support of an expert team. With that formula, automotive brands are sure to see success before handing over the keys to their customers.

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