As an industry-leading provider of electrical wire and cable in the
United States, Allied Wire & Cable needed a way to increase their
bandwidth to create traffic-driving content. They worked with seoClarity’s
Content Marketing Services to achieve massive organic success.

Allied Wire & Cable is one of the largest independent distributors and specialty manufacturers of electrical wire, cable, and tubing in the United States. 

Due to the nature of their business, they require a skilled team of writers who possess both industry and SEO knowledge to create content across their site. 

Challenge: Limited Bandwidth to Capitalize on Industry Wins

The digital team at Allied Wire & Cable is led by Charlie Bennett, Director of SEO & Web Strategy. With a large site and a reliance on niche keywords to drive organic traffic, they encountered difficulty in staying ahead in a fast-moving marketplace. 

“We have such a large site that relies so heavily on low search volume keywords, and it’s hard for us to capitalize on industry wins with agility,” Charlie said.

Aside from that, training new writers on industry terminology became difficult to manage on top of other SEO tasks.

They understood the importance of SEO and content but needed a better way to create content at scale. 

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Solution: Data-Driven Content Creation from seoClarity’s Content Marketing Services

“(Our) content builds trust between us and our customers
because they can see how we provide knowledge
and services in the same spot.”
- Charlie Bennett, Director of SEO & Web Strategy, Allied Wire & Cable

The team knew that in order to meet Allied Wire & Cable’s goals of organic growth, they needed to prioritize their data-driven content creation. 

The team looked to seoClarity’s Professional Services to first conduct a technical audit across their site, which helped them identify an issue with an earlier site migration, as well as other action items to help improve search visibility. 

“seoClarity helped us benchmark following the site migration, so that we could have a one-to-one comparison of our URLs and better understand our traffic fluctuations,” Charlie said. 

From there, the team worked with Content Marketing Services. Using data and insights from within the seoClarity platform, Content Marketing Services extended the power of their existing content marketing strategy in order to offer additional analysis and expert-level support, regardless of subject matter. 

seoClarity’s Content Services team worked alongside the Allied Wire & Cable team to: 

  • Make recommendations based on competitive analysis
  • Write new data-driven content across blogs, product pages, category pages and more
  • Optimize existing site content with the brand’s tone of voice and expert-level authority

“We initially received a couple sample drafts from Content Marketing Services, and we were impressed with how much time we saved with editorial back-and-forth,” Charlie said. 

That’s when the Allied Wire & Cable team and Content Marketing Services really got to work with analysis and content creation. 

One specific area of focus was around definitions. The Content Marketing Services team used search intent to determine that about half of their target search terms had informational intent. 

“Users come to our site and see a page where it’s very clear that the content was written by a person,” Charlie said. “That content builds trust between us and our customers and drives them to submit quotes to buy (from us) because we provide knowledge and services in the same spot.”

Results: Massive $3.5MM Purchase Via Organic Traffic to Page Optimized By Content Marketing Services

Within a few months of working with seoClarity’s Content Marketing Services, the Allied Wire & Cable team experienced a $3.5 million order through organic traffic

“We don’t usually get massive orders through our organic channels,” Charlie noted.

“The customer searched for the target term we recently optimized for with Content Marketing Services and found our product page.”

Additionally, Allied Wire & Cable has experienced the following wins: 

  • +59% organic traffic increase over 6-month period (July 2021 - January 2022) 

  • A 48% increase in ranking keywords over a 6-month period (May 2021 - November 2021)

Anecdotally, the team noticed a 10-15% month-over-month increase in organic sales-qualified leads to their site since using Content Marketing Services.

Conclusion: Continued Focus on Content to Drive Success

We put a lot of emphasis on SEO because we believe in
the ROI we get from the effort we put into it.”
- Charlie Bennett, Director of SEO & Web Strategy, Allied Wire & Cable

Taking the time and effort to invest in content has paid off for Allied Wire & Cable because they understand that customers rely on content to make a purchasing decision.

The content they created with seoClarity’s Content Marketing Services was a smart investment to drive continued growth to their business. 

“We put a lot of emphasis on SEO because we believe in the ROI we get from the effort we put into it,” Charlie said. 

Reach your organic revenue goals and your target audience with well-researched and data-backed content with Content Marketing Services from seoClarity. 

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