Atigro, a performance-driven digital marketing agency, led the SEO strategy using seoClarity to deliver their client amazing results.

Challenge: Competitive Search Landscape 

With a new industrial product ready for installation, a Mid-Atlantic region contractor needed to increase awareness and build trust. As a small business, this contractor decided the best way to spread the word about the new product—and gain some merit in the industry—was to go digital! 

Another challenge arose, however, when the contractor realized the search topics related to the new product were dominated by the likes of Home Depot, Lowes, and HGTV. 

The contractor enlisted the support of their digital marketing agency, Atigro, to help them create competitive content for an enterprise-dominated market.

Solution: Content Strategy at Impressive Scale With seoClarity

With the goal of increased visibility and traffic to the site, the Atigro team leveraged seoClarity to build and scale an in-depth content and SEO strategy for the contractor. 

“To compete with these larger brands, we knew we had to find gaps in their content and feature the contractor's product,” said Adam Di Frisco, Digital Marketing Strategist for Atigro. “We wanted to gain insight into all of the keywords that the contractor was competing for against larger, enterprise brands."

seoClarity’s Content Gaps provided all the information needed, including niche keywords and low-hanging fruit opportunities. 

Content Gap Analysis on this small, local brand’s largest national competitors

Using Content Fusion, our AI SEO content writing feature, Atigro’s content team quickly created page after page covering niche topics in depth, with the SEO team adding structured data to target SERP Features. seoClarity’s Content Fusion allowed Atigro’s SEO and content specialists to thoroughly produce top-tier content at scale. 

As traffic rose over time, and Google started to associate the contractor's product with existing products, the Atigro team repeated this workflow to target higher search volume keywords.

Result: +750% Traffic Increase YoY Leads to Growth in Impressions and Leads

Within the first 6 months of publishing new content, the contractor earned SERP features on their most desired keywords. After one year, they experienced: 

  • A 750% traffic increase YoY
  • An incremental 1-4 daily leads for large contracting jobs

 750% traffic increase year-over-year

The contractor began outranking their enterprise competitors for industry terms and established themselves as subject matter experts in their target industry.

The largest success was after months of ranking for Answer Boxes and People Also Ask questions, they earned a spot in Google’s “from sources around the web” feature. Google began associating the contractor's product with the top products that had been around for years. 

Example of Google’s “From Sources Across the Web” feature

Additionally, since the searchers were from all over the US, the business owner also had the opportunity to build strategic relationships with other, similar businesses across the US.

Using Content Gaps and Content Fusion to Overtake Competition  

Overtaking giant, national brands in organic rankings is a calculated team effort. But with the right tools, it’s not difficult to do at scale. 

Atigro's digital marketing experts' ability to leverage seoClarity's content marketing and SEO technology allowed this local contractor to gain national recognition through increased traffic and leads in record time.

seoClarity’s Content Gap and Content Fusion gave us the ability to quickly learn what competitors are doing well, and then add to it with a wealth of our own knowledge and unique insight,” commented Di Frisco.

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