2-10 Home Buyers Warranty offers their clients a complete line of warranties, service contracts, and risk management products. 

As a leader in the home warranty industry, they give homeowners in the US access to a network of more than 6,000 authorized, independent service contractors. They also provide repair or replacement for eligible systems and appliances when they break down from routine use, including paying for both parts and labor. 

According to their team, their industry is growing rapidly at a rate of about 20% every year. 

Challenge: Focusing on the Best-Converting Keywords

Because of their industry’s growth, the team at 2-10 wanted to keep up with industry demand and capture their desired target market through content.

Having previously used other point solutions and SEO platforms, 2-10 searched for something that would allow them to focus on their best-converting keywords to improve their search visibility and drive more qualified traffic to their website. 

That’s when they connected with seoClarity and their enterprise-level solution.

Solution: Health Checks From Professional Services Lead to Content Fusion Power Usage

After onboarding with seoClarity, the team at 2-10 invested in Health Checks with seoClarity’s Professional Services team. This opportunity allowed the team to work through a site audit as a benchmark to monitor their progress over time. Here, they identified specific action items to target in order to kick-start their growth. 

They also relied heavily on Content Fusion, our AI-powered content writing tool, to discover more precise language around their blog topics and to redesign their site’s target landing pages. 

“What Content Fusion has done is helped me be precise without using the wrong kinds of words,” said John Pullega, Head Content Writer for 2-10. “It's important to have SEO terms in there, but they’ve got to fit correctly in context.” 

With that in mind, John and the team at 2-10 focused on several strategic areas, including (but not limited to) the following: 

  • The 2-10 homeowners warranty landing page, which received a complete rewrite and optimization using Content Fusion
  • The 2-10 pricing and plans page, which was previously hidden from their target audience and not included in their site menu
  • The addition of an FAQ page based on recommendations from the Professional Services team during their Health Checks
  • Adding unique content to their top category pages on their site, with a focus on the homeowners warranty landing page 

John and his team followed additional recommendations provided by the Professional Services team and experienced impressive results, highlighted below. 

While all of this work cannot be attributed to Content Fusion alone, John proclaimed, "seoClarity made it easier to create and optimize content that attracts the right audience, and helps them understand, consume, and buy from 2-10."

Results: Tremendous Increases Across Target Site Pages

By following the strategic objectives they highlighted within their Health Check and focusing on leveraging Content Fusion, the team at 2-10 experienced the following results over a 6-month period from March 2021 to August 2021: 

  • +102% increase in the number of terms ranking for the optimized homeowners warranty landing page, leading to improved search visibility for this target page

  • +933% increase in organic traffic to their new and optimized pricing and plans page, which was not visible to users on the site prior to their Health Check with Professional Services

  • +235% increase in organic traffic to the Content Fusion-optimized FAQ page for homeowner warranties

Generally speaking, the 2-10 team has continued their work at producing incredible content for their target audience, working toward an overall increase in their organic site traffic. Because of this, they experienced the following successes between September 2020 and August 2021: 

  • +131% increase in keywords ranking in the top 3 positions

  • A correlative +77% increase in estimated organic traffic

Anecdotally, when John and his team started using seoClarity, they had a goal to optimize their home page for the head term “home warranty.” The 2-10 team leveraged the recommendations from Content Fusion to optimize their home page for this term and went from ranking 50+ in the SERP to ranking in the top 10 results, where their home page remains today.  


As a result of their use of the seoClarity platform and engagement with the Professional Services team, John had this to say about their Content Fusion experience:

“We have had incredible results on our focused SEO terms. We were essentially invisible before using seoClarity, and now we appear on the first page. That’s a big deal!” 

If you’re ready to stop the content chaos, and create and optimize content that attracts the right audience for your business, then schedule a demo of seoClarity today to experience the power of creating content at scale to reach your organic search goals. 

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