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    Achieve Growth Faster with Data-Driven Health Checks

    Advanced SEO recommendations established and verified from our all-in-one SEO platform designed to maximize growth.  
    • Eliminate technical roadblocks
    • Improve content quality
    • Continuous support built into every package 

    Expert SEO Advisory Services Included In Every Partnership 

    Keyword Research

    Form an Ongoing Partnership

    We're more than a technology — we're a partnership. An expert SEO consultant is built into your package. We work with your team to identify your site's specific challenges and provide analyses to uncover problem areas. 

    Technical SEO-1

    Zero In on Problem Areas

    We utilize our ocean of data to identify areas that affect your specific industry. We use these as benchmarks to overlay and identify problem areas faster so you can be proactive, as opposed to reactive. 


    Focus on Meaningful KPIs

    A review of your core KPIs with your dedicated Client Success Manager leads to a tailored audit so an actionable plan can be created to hit those specific targets.  

    What's Included in the Technical Audits

    Our technical audits analyze your site’s performance to determine if there are any roadblocks impeding your site from performing to its maximum ability. 

    Detect Technical Obstacles

    Locate and resolve technical roadblocks before they dampen the user experience, and before a new algorithm update penalizes your site.

    Improve Site Infrastructure

    Make your site crawls more efficient, extend your crawl budget, and create new entry points for users and search engines alike to explore your site.

    Tactics for Ongoing Growth

    Recommended tactics and solutions based on the site analysis allow for continuous improvement of the site's technical foundation.


    Increase Organic Search Traffic 

    Fixing technical site errors creates more entry points for users to access your content.

    Some areas we review:

    • Crawlability
    • Indexing strategy
    • Page experience
    • Rendering issues

    Ensuring proper site usability not only directly impacts the search experience, it also works to increase organic search traffic.


    133% YOY Increase in Organic Revenue with seoClarity Professional Services

    This luxury retail brand engaged the seoClarity Professional Services team to develop a roadmap to reach their goals, leading to organic revenue growth.

    Find Out How

    Website Case Study Covers Global Cosmetics Brand

    What's Included in the Content Audits

    Our content audit is paired with data insights to identify key areas of opportunity, including content to be optimized and areas where content is missing compared to competitors. 

    Analyze On-Site Content

    Definitively understand the content assets that your organization has published along with their on-page SEO elements, like meta data, target keyword, and H1 tags. 

    Evaluate Content Performance

    Evaluate performance to identify key areas to optimize or update current content, and develop missing content.

    Form a Content Roadmap

    Expand your content inventory to include content that solves needs along the entire customer journey and generates conversions.   


    Extend Content Reach

    Understand your content program and spot opportunities and gaps. 

    Develop new content to establish brand loyalty with strong content assets that address each stage of the buyer's journey.

    Solve for the information users search for to boost your SEO positioning and increase site traffic.


    SEO Experts Complements Every seoClarity Subscription


    Our team of SEO experts — each with 10 years of experience — is here to help every client find consistent, repeatable success.  

    Professional Services is designed to empower teams with the knowledge they need to successfully execute projects, plus the data to back it up.

    Our SEO audits are based on our tried-and-true method of working with 500+ brands to identify the action items that give companies the biggest return in ROI. 

    We provide a third-party, expert review of the immediate issues and opportunities for clients and a roadmap to quick value wins. 

    Our Professional Services Team:

    • Acts as an extension of your team
    • Applies a data-driven approach to help deliver on your KPIs
    • Prioritizes work based on what has the most positive ROI 



    Trusted By Over 3,500 Brands, Enterprises and Agencies



    How often does SEO Professional Services do the health checks?

    Each full technical and content audit is completed one time per year. Upon renewal the technical and content audits will be provided that second year.

    There is follow-up throughout the year based on completed actions and performance monitoring.

    Is there an extra cost for the audits in addition the SEO technology?

    No, the health checks are built into the annual agreement and offers additional SEO professional services and consultative support with every relationship.

    The value is estimated at $6,000.

    Can I add extra health checks to our agreement?

    Yes, our partnership is built to ensure success for your team with the platform with the additional support of SEO professional services.

    There are other services from our SEO consultants like site migration and content marketing services. Ask your Client Success Manager or your SEO Account Executive for additional information about other managed services in addition to the health checks.

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