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SEo WebSite Migration Services

Avoid the Pitfalls of a Site Migration Disaster

Many SEOs and digital marketers dread a site migration. When so much is at stake, we don't blame you. Leading enterprises turn to SEO technology providers for software and services to help with the site transition — and they always come out ahead.


A Powerful Platform for Every Step of Your Migration

seoClarity's all-in-one SEO platform includes capabilities for every step of the site migration so you can retain your search equity and traffic, monitor performance, and avoid downtime.  

Complete Analytics Data

Our team uses the platform to review what content had zero visits in the last year and what content does receive visits, and compares this against overall Traffic Potential. This helps identify what content to migrate.

Detect Inaccuracies

Our built-in crawler detects any inaccuracies as we crawl both the staging and new site and follow our comprehensive 120-point site audit checklist. This ensures a healthy pre-analysis and post-performance.

Flexible Dashboards

Monitor organic traffic and rankings pre- and post-migration with customizable dashboards. Be notified of any potential issues with Content Guard, our page change monitoring system. 

Understand Priorities

Enhance the performance of your site with our Actionable Insights recommendations - unique, site-specific insights that improve usability, relevance, and authority. Our site audit technology also works to ensure technical aptitude.

Enhanced Performance

Enhance the performance of your site post-migration with our in-depth site audit technology. No limits are placed on the crawl (depth, number of crawls, crawl pages) so you can create a strong foundation and offer the best user experience possible. 

Optimized Content on Launch

The platform's content marketing suite lets us understand how your users search, which allows us to build and grow a relevant keyword portfolio. Content Gaps reveals where your competitors rank where you don't, and Topic Explorer organizes topics by underlying search intent.

The Support of Dedicated SEO Experts

It's more than just technology: Our team is here to help you find success, and has helped hundreds of other brands do the same. When marketers need an experienced team to monitor performance during a site migration, they come to us. 

Client Success

The Client Success team is every clients' personal champion. When it comes to site migrations, nothing is different. Your Client Success Manager helps to monitor, retain, and grow your organic search program. 

Monitor: Rankings and performance
Retain: All your wins
Grow: Your site post-migration

Professional Services

Our SEO Professional Services team is composed of SEO consultants who bring their skills to highly technical projects for 60+ clients. For site migrations, it's a high-touch approach that comes with data-backed recommendation on which content to keep, add, edit, or delete. They include URL mapping, hreflang tags (hello, international site migration!), and site audits. 

Technical Support Services

This team enables the technology that makes your site migration seamless. Besides overseeing the migration to mitigate data loss, they're responsible for all technical integrations. In fact, they focus on all set-up and onboarding of the new domain, priority pages, and keywords. 

Our Happy Clients

Our Pain-Free Migration Process 

Our website migration process is centered around Search Equity Migration Strategy. Our SEO migration plan focuses on this approach and includes a corresponding website migration checklist to follow. 
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Migrate Content

URL mapping reveals which assets to migrate, update, or delete, while our 18-step migration checklist ensures your most important site assets are retained so your site does not lose rankings and traffic. 

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Track Performance

Custom dashboards monitor and track important KPIs before, during, and after the transition. Any potential issues or concerns are picked up and shared via custom alerts.

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A Better Foundation

A full site audit greatly improves technical SEO and content infrastructure post-launch, and ensures your site has a fresh start with our search experience optimization framework. 

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Content Marketing

Identify your most important topic clusters by searcher intent and use this information as a roadmap to create additional content.​ Your content can be enhanced further post-launch with our Content Marketing services.



How long does a site migration take?

From the initial setup, our site migrations typically lasts 3-5 months — including post-migration monitoring. This ensures all the bases are covered: establishing baseline metrics, convent inventory, URL alignment, audit, launch, and performance monitoring. 

How much does the site migration services cost?

Site migration services are offered to clients at no additional cost. If you choose to grow your rankings post-launch, we recommend adding Content Services and Managed Services plans starting at $2,000 per month.

How do I get started?

Current clients can contact their Client Success Manager to get a customized quote and package. If you're not a client, fill out the form below!

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