Rank Tracking +

Keyword Research +

Content Optimization 

Enterprise class reliability, accuracy, and scale.

seoClarity Essentials Includes:

    ✔ 5,000 & Up Keyword Queries
    ✔ Daily Rank Tracking
    ✔ Dashboards & Reporting
    ✔ Keyword Research
    ✔ Content Ideas
    ✔ Content Gaps Analysis
    ✔ Content Optimization for 25 Analyses
    ✔ Standard Data Extracts for Top 30 Results
    ✔ Online Training
    ✔ Email and Live Chat Support
    ✔ Enterprise Grade Security

Compare seoClarity Essentials Against Other Rank Tracking Tools

Included with seoClarity Essentials
Other Rank Tracking Tools
Accurate and Reliable Daily Ranking Tracking
Other Rank Tracking Tools

Artificial data limits, unpredictable updates and inaccurate ranking data

Unlimited Competitor Tracking
Other Rank Tracking Tools
Daily updates allows you to quickly respond to the changing digital landscape. Other enterprise platforms only offer weekly updates, which, on competitive markets daily update could make all the difference.
Automated, Customizable Dashboards and Reporting
Other Rank Tracking Tools

Static and pre-canned reports

World's Most Competitive Keyword Research
Other Rank Tracking Tools

Rarely included for the base cost. Often infrequent updates to the keyword ranking data.

AI Content Optimization
Other Rank Tracking Tools

Not usually available or part of the core capabilities of the rank tracker tool.

Ranking Data Exports
Other Rank Tracking Tools

Rarely included in the base cost. Most enterprise ranking tools have the option to add-on, but usually an additional per keyword query cost.

Essentials by seoClarity FAQs

What is seoClarity, and why did you create Essentials?
seoClarity is an enterprise SEO platform with more than a decade of experiencing working with global brands. We recognized the need to create a package that leveraged our accurate and reliable ranking data for brands that want to start with the essentials for SEO success - quality ranking data, keyword research, and content optimization.
Can I get Essentials by seoClarity with less than 5,000 keywords?
All packages above are priced based on the number of domains and keywords tracked daily. There is a minimum 5,000 keyword queries required for the $0.15 per keyword query. Additional information is available on the cost of an all-in-one SEO platform that includes all capabilities for our entire SEO platform.
I don’t see a package that fits my needs. Will you customize a package?

Yes, seoClarity offers different packages for our enterprise SEO platform that includes other SEO capabilities you may not see above. However, Essentials by seoClarityTM is only customizable based on the different keyword queries needed.

Our goal is to create a package that fits your needs to scale your SEO program. Contact us and we can provide a customized a package that fits your unique challenges with the right capabilities, integrations and support that starts at $3,000 per month.

Billing Questions

Do you have a trial offer?

YES, 50% off the first month. Because you can start tracking 5,000 keywords on day one, we're offering a 50% off discount for the first month so you can try it out. That's $375 for 30 days of rank tracking on a minimum of 5,000 keyword queries. Don't miss out, this deal won't last long!

Can up upgrade after I sign up?

Absolutely! You can always add more keywords to your plan.

Adjust your subscription in your billing management account any time you wish. 

If you want even more enterprise SEO capabilities, take a look at all of our subscription options. Ask us to see a full demo of the entire seoClarity platform and discover more capabilities like site audits and site analytics integration. 

How can I cancel my account?
Simply go to your subscription page at any time to cancel your subscription. Your subscription will end at the end of the end of your contract cycle.
What will it cost to add more users?
Nothing, seoClarity allows for unlimited users! SEO is a team sport and you can give access to anyone in your organization. 
How does seoClarity charge for a Keyword Search Query?
A Keyword Search Query is a single keyword on a single search engine in a single domain in a single location. For example, with your starting package of 5,000 keyword search queries, you could have 2,500 on Google Desktop and 2,500 on Google Mobile. Or, you could have 50 keywords in 100 city locations. The configuration is up to you, and you can adjust at any time in your account. We’re happy to help you think through the best configuration for your needs. 
Can I add additional search engines like Google Desktop and/or Google Mobile?
Yes. seoClarity supports rank tracking for all search engines in any country for both desktop and mobile. Since a Keyword is tied to a single search engine, if you wanted the same keyword ranked daily on desktop and mobile, you would use two of your keyword search queries. 
Is there a setup fee?
No! Setup is simple. To get you started, we add your domain in seoClarity and send your login credentials via email. From there, it's simple to upload your keywords and select what search engine and configuration you need.

Ranking Data Questions

How reliable and accurate is your daily ranking data?

On reliability: Our infrastructure and crawl of the web has been battle tested with some of the biggest brands like Expedia and Overstock. We haven't missed a day of ranking data for our clients in over a decade. 

On accuracy: seoClarity is able to retrieve rankings from ANY location in the world, as if the search was conducted by someone from that location coupled with the infrastructure to scale analysis with infinite keywords. We believe in the trust, but verify approach. A SERP preview is available within the platform for all managed keywords. 

What countries, geographies, cities and zip codes do you support?

Short answer – all of them.

seoClarity is incredibly capable of providing you daily ranking data in the geography you want, whether that is at the country, state, city, or zip level. This accuracy is especially important if you manage dozens of storefronts and want to compare performance. 

Do you really allow for unlimited competitors?
Yes, you can compare, on-the-fly, any competitor, anytime. seoClarity emphasizes in all aspects of the platform to remove artificial limitations. This is one of the common restrictions that we heard over and over that frustrates SEO teams.
Does your ranking data include top 100 results?
Yes, the top 100 listings are included in every keyword rank query we retrieve. This allows you the ability to slice, dice, and analyze ranking results based on the full picture.  
Does your API pull more than just my keywords ranking? Can I download the top 100?
Yes, top 100 results for every keyword query is included. You can download right from the platform or set-up daily ranking data extracts via API or custom data exports. 
Can you do local rankings at any geo level?
Yes, seoClarity retrieves rankings from ANY location in the world, as if the search was conducted by someone from that location. We offer location-based rankings by city, state, or zip code level. 

Support Questions

How do I contact Support?
We are here for you! You can email us at any time at support@seoclarity.net. 
What training do you have available to help me and my team?
There are a great deal of training videos and articles in our knowledgebase, accessible through the platform. We also have built in walk-throughs of various features. 

Security Questions

Do you use any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?
No, the seoClarity platform does not contain any PII. Our ranking process and what we retrieve is all public data.

Need a different combination of keyword rank tracking, support, and other SEO capabilities?

Watch a demo for more information

We also provide our clients with custom solutions for their specific needs instead of narrowing in on rank tracking pricing plans as listed above. The above packages and pricing are representative as of April 1, 2020 and are subject to change. The pricing that is listed is representative to these packages. Contact us if you need to customize a plan that fits your unique needs!