Daily Rank Tracking

    Rank tracking for daily, local, mobile, and global - all countries, all search engines for the top 100 results with no additional costs for competitor tracking (It's UNLIMITED!). Includes SERP features integration, data exports, and top 100 results.


    Keyword Research

    Leverage the world's most competitive data set with up to 10x more mobile ranking data than other research tools with 300+ million keywords spanning 3+ years of historical data in more than 90 countries. Includes topic, semantically-related research and content gap analysis. 


    AI Content Optimization

    Create authoritative content faster than ever before with AI-driven content insights. It's like having your own natural language processing for your own industry. It analyzes top results against your content to provide must use topics to transform and create content that performs in the SERP. 


    Demo the Full SEO Platform for all SEO Data, Metrics, & Capabilities


    The Most Reliable Rank Tracking Software

    seoClarity offers accurate, fresh, and reliable ranking data at scale - we haven't missed a day of rankings in over a decade! Our Essentials offering gives you the power to analyze your ranking data on-the-fly against unlimited competitors and provides access to keyword research, content optimization, and customized reports starting at $750 per month.

    Build a Solid Strategy

    Daily Rank Tracking of Target Keywords

    Built for scale, track daily (or weekly) ranking data updates and keep up with the fast pace of change in search.


    Adjust to rapid change of pace in digital marketing

    Keep up with customer interests, trends and search engine algorithm changes that evolve at a rapid pace.

    Dive deep into the freshest, most reliable ranking data

    Access quality, reliable ranking data delivered daily throughout the entire platform.

    Act on your results as they occur

    React and strategize with accurate performance metrics of your search visibility.

    Execute A/B tests with confidence

    With weekly or monthly data, it takes too long to react and understand landing page tests and optimizations made. Learn quickly what was implemented and what worked.

    Track local rankings anywhere in the world

    Zero in on precise and detailed ranking performance in ANY location across the globe. Ranking data is available at the level of state, city, ZIP code with radius and GPS coordinates.

    Analyze the full SERP

    Gain full transparency to all Google search features to know what content type works for every keyword intent based on the search features that appear within the SERP.


    Accurate, Reliable Tracking - Globally

    Trust in the data whether you need to track your rank positions for international, local, and everywhere in between.



    The world's ONLY geo-targeted ranking infrastructure

    Rank checking is done with geo-targeted IPs in the regions selected. This removes the bias to provide the most accurate keyword position exactly how your user from that specific location would see it.

    Rely on THIS rank tracking tool

    We haven't missed a day of ranking results in over a decade. seoClarity's own proprietary infrastructure has layers of backup to ensure that all ranking data is processed and available daily. We stand by it with proof of 10 years going without a single day missed.


    Track keyword rankings in 190+ countries & 200+ languages

    This is more than a keyword rank tool. It provides rankings for all major search engines in all major languages. From Google rankings across the world to Bing and Yahoo, or harder to access rankings like Baidu, Yandex and Naiver, our proprietary infrastructure ensures full control on the accuracy and reliability of all the rankings we provide. Find a search engine we don't track? Just ask and we can add it!

    Trust but verify with actual SERP previews

    See the actual page crawled with SERP previews directly available within the platform. Put your mind at ease with proof of the actual rank position.

    Unlimited Tracking

    We removed artificial limitations because we believe you should have access to ALL the data and have complete flexibility to slice, dice, and analyze it to your heart’s content.

    Explore Enterprise Rank Tracking


    No limits on the keywords tracked.

    Whether you need ranking data and insights on 5,000 or 10 million keywords, it includes the top 100 results to aid-tactical decision-making and strategy sessions.

    No limits on competitor comparisons.

    View, analyze and discover new opportunities with access to the performance of ANY domain, ANY sub-domain or even a URL across your tracked keywords.

    No limits on tag groups.

    Organize keywords however you like with a smart tag group and attributes system.

    No limits on metrics.

    Whatever your favorite KPI, we are sure to report on it. With 27+ metrics includes Average Rank, Weighted Average Rank, Share of Voice, Rank by Position and more, pick your KPI and leave the rest to us.

    No limits on reporting.

    Create as many dashboard views as you like. Leverage any of the 140+ visualizations or build your own using our powerful dynamic visualization builder to help tell the most insightful story on your ranking performance.

    No limits on analysis.

    Execute interactive, real-time ranking analysis with the platform. Filter and sort rankings by any metric, page, tag, rank position, and more! No need to export your data for analysis, make this your favorite analysis tool and create your strategy at the speed of thought.

    Dashboards and Reporting

    Scale your reporting and don't settle for static reports and basic dashboards. Customize, automate, and schedule reports for ultimate efficiency.

    Tell me about Advanced Reporting


    Build your perfect report

    Drag and drop unlimited charts, graphs, and tables into a perfect SEO dashboard.

    Customize dashboards to maximize efficiency

    Make it easy to communicate with your team and executives by customizing the report for each team or job type.

    Limitless widgets

    Track KPIs to monitor tasks and goal completions. Achieve all of the SEO data you need in a single, beautiful view, whether you want a 10,000 foot perspective or a more granular snapshot of performance. 


    Automated and scheduled reporting

    Maximize your time and efficiency with a create-it-once report and schedule for daily, weekly or monthly updates. 


    So Much More Than Just Keyword Research

    Access the world's most competitive keyword data set with up to 10x more mobile ranking data than other tools. It offers a quality data set of 300+ million keywords with content performance for any domain, sub-domain, folder, and URL.

    Learn More About Research Grid


    Leverage fresh and relevant data

    All keyword within our data set are rank checked for desktop AND mobile every month, plus gain a snapshot with ranking updates LIVE every day throughout the month. 

    Access to the entire search landscape

    Understand content performance for any domain, subdomain, folder, URL, or keyword in 90+ countries including the only keyword research suite with Baidu keyword data set. 


    2x to 10x more mobile ranking data

    In a mobile-first world, leverage seoClarity's Research Grid that includes up to 10x more mobile ranking data than other keyword research tools in the marketplace.


    Featured snippets

    Instantly improve your brand's credibility and visibility when you earn that top spot with the Answer Box on the SERP 


    Identify content ideas and gaps

    Recognize high value, relevant content and topic opportunities in a way that removes human bias from the research process.


    Content Creation & Optimization

    Create and optimize content with the industry's most comprehensive insights and drive relevancy to your target audience.

    Create AI-Driven Content


    High demand content ideas

    Reveal real user questions, high value keywords, popular long-tail keywords, and trending topics with applied NLP with deep learning algorithms from a crawl of more than 1 billion pages every day. 


    AI-driven content writer

    Deep learning analyzes the top ranking content to deliver insights and ideas to generate credible content to expand your audience reach faster than ever.


    Apply search intent

    Recognize search intent for your target keyword and page when you leverage our AI algorithms that analyzes every URL, every SERP feature and every detail of the keyword to categorize intent across the entire content workflow. 


    Fast, Easy Access to All Your Ranking Data

    Your data is your data. Access any element of your ranking results with complete flexibility and customization to export however and whenever you like.


    Hundreds of Exports, Ready and Accessible

    Export any table or chart of your ranking data directly in the platform without any limits. Up to a million rows available instantly.

    Powerful, Flexible Ranking Data Exports

    Leverage our data extracts to download your keyword level ranking data, search volumes, CPC's, reporting summaries and much more! 

    Customizable Data Extracts

    Limited on the development resources to work with API's? No worries. Get all your ranking data exported and put on a SFTP, S3 or another location on a daily basis.

    Integrations with Internal Data Warehouses

    Need to consume the data into your own data warehouse? No problem. Work with our technical integrations team and learn how we can work with your processes to ensure you have the all the data you need.
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    “I love this platform. It's a part of my entire process - from planning and producing targeted content to tracking existing pages and keywords aligned to those pages, to tracking the promotion of the published content and ultimately measuring our performance.”
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    How is Essentials by seoClarity Unique?

    Essentials__Second Image_Alternate v2.0

    This isn’t just a ranking tool, it's everything you need for your foundation to drive SEO success.

    From fresh rankings to content marketing, this integrated solution gives you the tools for SEO success. It's different than your typical point solution for rankings because all data is ours and the AI applied is proprietary. This gives us the flexibility and control for current rank checks with no delays or frustrations from a lack of reliable data. This package includes:

    • Daily keyword ranking
    • Full transparency with a SERP preview
    • Unlimited competitor comparisons
    • Integrated capabilities for keyword research
    • Content gaps for a steady stream of content ideas
    • AI-driven content optimization and analyses for the most authoritative content

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    More Capabilities for Enterprise Scale

    ✓ Looking for rank tracking for more than 50,000 keywords? 

    ✓ Need full SEO capabilities like site audits, analytics integration, and more?

    Talk to us for a custom quote.