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    BrightEdge vs. Moz

    The ability to access data is critical for SEO success, but it’s not the only factor: Digital marketers need a way to manipulate the data in a number of ways to pull insights. 

    BrightEdge vs. Moz: A Comparison Analysis

    BrightEdge and Moz are prominent players in the marketing technology space. We've evaluated both options, including their differences from seoClarity, to assist you in choosing the most optimal content marketing solution for your enterprise brand.


    BrightEdge Overview

    As an enterprise-level solution, BrightEdge provides its users with a way to identify customer intent and turn that into optimized content. They primarily work with B2B and B2C brands in industries like finance, retail, ecommerce, and automotive.

    It's their mission to turn content into revenue through the following solutions:

    • Data Cube: SEO research to build content strategies
    • Share of Voice: Page-level competitor performance
    • Content IQ: SEO audits to resolve site errors
    • Recommendations: SEO recommendations for your existing content
    • StoryBuilder: Performance dashboards
    • Page Reporting: Page performance analyses

    Beyond search, content, local, and mobile, BrightEdge also promotes its social features. These capabilities allow users to manage the performance of Facebook and Twitter campaigns. 

    BrightEdge Pricing

    No pricing information is offered on BrightEdge's website since they operate on a quote basis.

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    BrightEdge Reviews

    Referencing user reviews can help you make an informed decision. Here's what real BrightEdge users have to say about the platform:

    G2 Review: A lot of data manipulation is required to get really advanced SEO insights.
    G2 Review: A good solution, but very questionable pricing policies. 

    G2 Review: Useful, but other tools are required for a full picture.

    Things to Consider About BrightEdge

    → Make sure the ROI projections and forecasts for traffic are feasible.

    To do so, determine what percentage of your overall keyword universe can you actually improve to position one. Then, consider whether that percentage is reasonable for your business. 

    → Verify the quality, frequency, and the number of markets/countries in the DataCube that you require.

    Enterprise SEOs must work from a single source of truth — that is, a centralized dataset that you can trust. If you're a global company, ask if all countries are included.

    You should also determine the frequency of updates for ranking data in DataCube? No one wants to work with outdated data!

    Because we live in a mobile-first world, check what percentage of their keyword dataset includes mobile ranking data. 

    → What is actually included in the contract and package?

    This may seem obvious, but no one likes surprise charges. Especially not your management.

    Understand exactly what is included in your investment (that includes support, training, and capabilities!).

    Also, double-check that you’ll get access to new BrightEdge features. If not, it might be tough to make another business case for more investment in the future.

    → Can I conduct a competitive analysis of multiple competitors?

    The ability to analyze any competitor’s ranking data is crucial for uncovering new organic traffic opportunities. Find out what limitations or number of competitors you can track.

    → Understand the breadth and depth of the recommendations that come from the BrightEdge recommendations engine.

    On-page recommendations are standard with just about any tool. The benefit of an all-in-one SEO platform is the insight that comes from your site data.

    Recommendations should cover much more than “add a keyword to your page title or H1.”

    Make sure the BrightEdge recommendations engine covers technical SEO, content and page updates, schema recommendations, and internal and external link opportunities.

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    Moz Overview

    Moz Pro is a suite of SEO tools that provides businesses with the ability to conduct keyword research, rank tracking, site crawls (and site audits), on-page optimization, link research, and site reporting.

    Users love them for their keyword rank tracking and reliable geo and local capabilities. To see what their clients are saying, check out their user reviews on G2.

    As an SEO tool (as opposed to an SEO platform) Moz Pro is a great solution for teams who are just getting started with SEO. The data is there, but there may be limitations for large companies and large data sets. 

    Moz Pricing

    In terms of pricing, Moz offers plans that range from $99 per month to $999 per month, with feature limits dependent upon the plan. There is a free trial available.

    Moz Limitations

    → From what we’ve heard and what we understand, Moz is a great tool if you’re a small- or medium-sized company.

    → The challenge we hear most from our clients is about scalability, recommendations, and the ability to analyze data within Moz.

    What Makes seoClarity Different From Moz and BrightEdge?

    As a platform, seoClarity offers scalability to meet the needs of enterprise brands. Nearly every brand we work with has tested and trialed another solution, ultimately upgrading to our platform because of limitations. 

    No Artificial Limitations or Surprise Charges

    We believe in transparency — what you see is what you get. After all, we're more than a leading technology, we're a partnership. Clients use our platform to segment large datasets to make sense of what's in front of them. With unlimited competitive comparisons, data downloads (grab a million rows directly from the platform, instantly!), ranking data extracts, and crawl projects, no limitation will get in your way. 

    → More on upgrades from seoClarity

    Largest Competitive Keyword Dataset That Puts Mobile-First 

    Your users search on mobile. Access the entire search landscape with the highest quality of keyword ranking data, with data for more than more than 90 countries, up to 10x more mobile ranking visibility than any other keyword research dataset, and guaranteed freshness (with all keywords rank checked throughout the month, every month). Access 4+ years of historical data to analyze trends by page, sub-domain, sub-folder, and more. 

    → Access the quality data you deserve

    Find Deep Insights with Interactive Ranking Analysis

    It all starts with on-time, accurate ranking data. Then we add interactive ranking analysis for any metric, segment (pages or keywords), competitor, and search engine or location — all with the ability to filter and compare on-the-fly. Or, feel free to create your own custom metrics and flexible dashboards for your workflow! The platform is your business intelligence tool built for big SEO data and the best way to centralize your SEO.

    → See how we're better at ranking analysis

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    seoClarity Is Built the Way SEOs Want to Work

    seoClarity is here to help you solve your most complex marketing problems. We rely on data, not best practices, so each problem is met with a personalized solution. 

    Technology that Addresses Real Client Needs

    Our clients directly influence our platform: If two or more clients request a feature, we evaluate it and build it. This transparency allows us to be more than a software offering, we become a partner, too.

    Limitless recommendations from our Actionable Insights engine

    seoClarity delivers more than 120 validated and verified insights covering technical, content, internal links, page title rewrites, and even Schema. By leveraging these insights, users can identify hidden opportunities and eliminate guesswork, inefficiencies, and human error.

    Support when you need it

    With seoClarity, you can count on having a dedicated Client Success Manager who is committed to ensuring your success with the platform and organic search.

    Captera Grayscale 1

    "seoClarity has helped my team to look at our SEO strategy in new ways and derive new insights from our data."

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    "seoClarity's recommendations are beneficial, and we see results within a very brief period upon execution."

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    Frequently Asked Questions About seoClarity

    How much does seoClarity cost?

    Prices are determined based on the number of keywords and domains, starting at $3,000 per month. 

    Find out more about us and our pricing options on our pricing page

    How is seoClarity different?

    Unlike most of the competition, we operate with no artificial limits. No more tokens or credits to get the job done. 

    Plus, we take a different approach when it comes to SEO. To us, it's all about search experience optimization, and helping our clients achieve that for their customers.

    That's why we invest fully into our product: We're here to help our clients solve their most complex marketing challenges. 

    Have more questions? Head over to our FAQ page for the answers.  

    How do I see it in action?

    We're glad you asked!

    The form below this question is all you need to fill out to see the seoClarity platform. One of our Account Executives will prepare a personalized demo so you can see the features that matter most to your SEO program. Plus, you can start a 5-day free trial.  

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