Amid the buzz around ChatGPT and regenerative AI, it’s important to consider that artificial intelligence has existed for over 50 years.

Below, we'll take a look at the long-term use of AI in SEO prior to all the hype around ChatGPT.

The Cause of the Sudden Excitement Around AI

The earliest successful AI program was written in 1951 by Christopher Strachey at the University of Manchester. In 1952, the program could play a complete game of checkers.

So why is there so much excitement about AI all of a sudden? One of the most obvious reasons is that people can easily see AI in action. 

Using tools like ChatGPT, they can instantly and tangibly see how it works. Want to write a blog post? Click “Send a message,” and it happens in seconds. In months, AI has transformed from a concept to a reality for millions of people.

The “Hidden” Role of AI in Our Daily Lives

Many people are amazed by ChatGPT, but they have been using AI daily without even realizing it. Google, Gmail, Grammarly, Descript, Jasper, chatbots, and Netflix and Amazon recommendations are powered by AI.

Google, for example, embraced statistical techniques until 2015, when it launched AI-powered Rank Brain to connect words to entities and concepts. Since then, it has introduced Neural matching, BERT, MUM and BARD technologies.

To be surprised by AI is not to understand what’s been happening behind the scenes. 

We’ve lived in blissful ignorance, accepting that something impressive was happening but not understanding how the technology works.

Today, AI has become an integral part of our lives. Many people use ChatGPT, much like they use Google Search. They depend on it and can’t imagine living without it. 

In the process, companies scramble to jump on the ChatGPT bandwagon because customers expect it. But at seoClarity, machine learning, natural language process, and AI have long been integral to our enterprise SEO platform. 

seoClarity: Pioneering AI in Enterprise SEO

We were among the first SEO enterprise companies to extensively use machine learning in nearly all our capabilities.

  • In 2015, we launched Actionable Insights, which surfaced insights from 120+ validated and verified SEO optimizations.
  • In 2018, we introduced AI-powered content optimization. 
  • In 2021, we launched topic research and intent match, which analyzes and groups keywords using natural language processing and AI based on subtopics, entities, user intent and keywords.
  • And in 2022, we acquired Rank Sense, a pioneer in machine learning and deep learning models applied to automating SEO optimizations.

As companies determine how to develop content at a time when ChatGPT makes it easy to write content scale, content optimization will play a key role in how well content ranks.

seoClarity's Use of AI for Content Optimization

seoClarity’s AI-powered SEO content writer, Content Fusion, reverse engineers the characteristics of top-ranked content to help writers create content more likely to rank well. Then, we use this information to produce a content score in real-time to improve the content even more.

You can describe us as forward-thinking or simply a company recognizing that AI would impact software by making it better, faster, and more innovative.

We’ve leveraged AI to help our clients simplify, scale, and structure their SEO. Our platform has automated workflows and processes, enabling clients to move quickly from data and insights to actions and results. 

The Role of AI In the Future of SEO

For many companies, the question is: what’s next for AI and the future of SEO?

One thing is sure, AI is here to stay.

It is important for SEO enterprise professionals to focus on how AI will help them do more at scale to handle and capitalize on Google’s fast-evolving algorithms and the growing amount of data. 

With nearly a decade of experience with AI, seoClarity is well positioned for the future and, as importantly, meets the SEO needs of fast-growing companies.