A note about this case study: Our client is a top US nonprofit humanitarian organization. We have happily accommodated their request to anonymize the names of the people interviewed and their company.

The Challenge of Generating More Traffic and Improving Rankings 

A nonprofit humanitarian organization (anonymous by request) wanted to improve its existing search rankings, increase the number of ranking pages, and drive more qualified and relevant traffic to its website.

To do this, they knew that SEO was the key. It was the best option to improve overall site visibility in the SERPs and to identify highly searched and potentially impactful keyword phrases to develop and optimize content for.

“We needed a tool to help us rank better, write better, and get more traffic," said the nonprofit's digital marketing specialist (DMS). "The big factors we considered were:

  • What information is available?
  • How easy is it to understand?
  • Can we leverage it?
  • What support are we going to get from the company?
  • What’s the cost?”

The goal was to create high-quality, authoritative content at scale to attract and convert people to support the nonprofit’s cause.

Rather than working harder, the DMS wanted to work smarter and solve content challenges at scale, and the answer to that was having “a powerful solution to help me do my job better and work more effectively and efficiently,” the DMS said. 

They had looked at using other point solutions but found them to offer a lot of unnecessary functionalities that would complicate internal buy-in.

They wanted to find an all-in-one user-friendly, and customizable platform that would help them increase visibility, grow traffic, and boost revenue.

After trying out seoClarity’s Content Fusion, the nonprofit was sold because of its high usability and outstanding AI-driven technology. They committed to the entire platform straight away.

“I wanted a powerful solution to help me do my job better and work more effectively and efficiently.”

-- Digital Marketing Specialist for Top US Charity

Investing in an All-in-One SEO Solution + AI-Driven Content Analysis 

Once they implemented seoClarity, the nonprofit could identify, prioritize and act upon content opportunities while still having immense control and flexibility. “Although other platforms have AI content tools to help improve writing and ranking, Content Fusion was the right balance between robustness, simplicity, and effectiveness for us,” points out the DMS. 

The instant access to seoClarity’s competitive keyword database (Research Grid) helps them refine their keyword portfolio and discover new ranking opportunities.

AI-Content Analysis and Optimization

Before Content Fusion, the nonprofit had issues identifying relevant keywords to get more visibility and creating high performing content. 

“Before seoClarity, we didn't have a keyword portfolio. seoClarity helped me understand which keywords to pay attention to and which not, helping me choose what content to develop first.”

The nonprofit uses Content Fusion to drive better traffic, and they improved one target keyword’s ranking from a 50+ position to third place within a month.

Armed with Content Fusion, the nonprofit is constantly improving the quality of their content. “We rank better, and our copy is much better organized, easier to read and more effective,” they explain. 

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Actionable Insights

With seoClarity’s Actionable Insights, the nonprofit has instant access to SEO insights which help them understand where to invest resources, if they’re tracking things properly, and what they should improve.

“Within the platform, I can easily see when my rankings are going up, if we're going to get more traffic, where we should invest and why we should do it.”

With advanced AI-analysis, the team knows they won't miss an opportunity, skip past an issue, or second guess their decisions. It runs in the background and within a click or two, it uncovers hidden analysis. 

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Client Support

Being able to get support was important for the DMS, and they know seoClarity has their back. “I always feel like the seoClarity representative is on my team, physically. We have a close working relationship, which is something I haven't had with any other vendors,” they point out.

When they signed up, they had no idea that the seoClarity platform would help bridge the gap between his SEO efforts and other departments. “seoClarity has brought attention from other departments to what I do. It’s a great platform for expanding internal SEO evangelization, and showing that your work matters,” says the DMS.

Although other platforms have AI content tools to help improve writing and ranking, Content Fusion was the right balance between robustness, simplicity, and effectiveness for us.” 

Results: Increase in Organic Search Revenue by 29% Over One Year

Since the nonprofit began using seoClarity, things have never looked better:

  • By doing content at scale, its organic search revenue increased by 29% between 2019 and 2020—despite search traffic being down 20% since March 2020 because of COVID-19.
  • The quality of the content they create has gone through the roof. “Content Fusion has helped us build our expertise and authority on the topics that matter to us and our audience,” they explain.
  • Its keyword portfolio is stronger than ever. The daily traffic associated with the managed keywords is up 75%, about an extra 3,500 visits a day.
  • Its content ranks faster and better thanks to the holistic view it provides to SEO—pages typically show up in search engine results within 10 days—an improvement from two to four weeks.
  • There’s an active partnership between the nonprofit and seoClarity. Its representative pointed out an existing page that suddenly jumped to the first page of its keyword SERP, from outside the top 100 rankings. The DMS then used Content Fusion to edit the copy, which lifted and solidified its ranking into third place.
  • There's greater knowledge and awareness of SEO beyond the DMS because training is supported by data. As a result, there’s professional growth within coworkers, who understand the value of SEO and how it applies to their work.
  • One of its key pages saw a 514% increase in organic traffic, and the average time readers spend on the page has doubled.

“Changes made to the page during the Content Fusion trial period led to page views beginning to climb. By the time we signed our contract with seoClarity, 11 months later, page views went from 14,000 to 86,000."

Applying the learnings from this experience allowed the DMS to increase the number of top 10 rankings within the nonprofit’s keyword portfolios. As a result, half of their 500-word keyword portfolio currently ranks in the top 10.

Using seoClarity as its all-in-one SEO solution has helped the nonprofit improve user experience across the website and identify untapped opportunities, leading to:

  • 21% decrease in bounce rate for organic search
  • 28% increase in the organic search conversion rate
  • 23 second increase in the average session duration for all organic search traffic—all over one year. 

The DMS and their team love the partnership and value seoClarity brings to the table. “They make me feel like myself and my organization are known. There’s this sense of shared success: seoClarity wants me to be successful because that means they’re successful,” they added.

With Content Fusion connecting all SEO aspects, the nonprofit has experienced significant SEO gains relative to other traffic and revenue channels and is expanding its investment in and commitment to organic search. 

This is 100% attributable to the service, support and functionality of seoClarity as a platform and an organization.

“Thanks to Content Fusion, we’ve seen a 28% increase in the organic search conversion rate over a year.” 

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