A global hospitality brand needed to create more authoritative content for their 800 hotel locations. 

In order for their content to be truly authoritative, the company’s writers conducted research for every unique hotel location, learning about local attractions and neighborhood history to write their content.

Despite their creative writing capabilities, the team encountered challenges not only with the scalability, but also the consistency of a process like this—without a consistent workflow and everyone doing their own research on 800 different hotel locations, the content would be left to human error and various knowledge gaps. 

This prompted the company to investigate how they could bypass the amount of research required to be authoritative and create hyper-local content.

Gathering the Best Keywords to Meet Search Demand

When analyzing their traffic data for one of the brand’s specific hotels located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, the SEO manager discovered the location was ranking for high value keywords at low rank positions. 

One such high value search query this hotel was positioned to rank for was “River North hotels”, a localized search term targeting the specific area in the city.

Following through with one of seoClarity’s keyword research workflows, the SEO manager sought to determine what other terms might be missing from the brand’s current content. 

They theorized that optimizing the content around similarly positioned terms for the hotel brand would help build the authority the page needed for their content. 

The challenge of doing this at scale was what the brand sought out to solve. 

Evaluating Content Analysis Tools

For the purpose of comparison, they first wanted to test the recommendations, results, and analysis from different tools in the marketplace. 

They tested seoClarity’s Content Fusion compared to MarketMuse and the Searchmetrics Content Experience tool and applied to different hotel locations in different market areas. 

Unprecedented Insights Gained from Content Fusion

They started with the Chicagoland area since the team was most familiar based on their knowledge of this market. A hotel in River North was their first test. 

While the other systems suggested generic terms like “hotels” and “pools” to optimize the content for the River North hotel location, the Suggested Topics analyzed and reported from Content Fusion was the only technology to uncover terms that most accurately reflected topics that a local hotel company in the River North area would include on their page to help their users with choosing that location. 

Here are the results:

Chicago River North Hotels - Content Fusion

Suggested Topics Display in Content Fusion for “River North hotels”

Suggested topics included local attractions, specific hotel amenities, and other ways of speaking about the area. These details were so niche, the company wanted to test this with other hotel locations.

For the brand’s Nob Hill location in San Francisco, Content Fusion provided the content team again with very specific terms and phrases about the hotels in the area, specific landmarks familiar with people knowledgeable about the area (e.g. Stanford Court, Union Square). This armed them with insights they would only know if they were a local resident or if they spent hours researching the area.

Nob Hills Hotels - Content Fusion

Suggested Topics Display in Content Fusion for “Nob Hill hotels”

Trying an international location, the team looked at suggested topics for a brand in Soho, London. The results again proved to be unparalleled to any other content optimization tool on the market by again sharing suggested topics to include within that brand’s content

The results included other hotel locations in the area, activities to do while visiting Soho, area attractions, and amenities.  

SoHo Hotels London - Content Fusion

Suggested Topics Display in Content Fusion for “Soho hotels London”

For topics that the team was unsure the context in how to include, they could select to view more information so that they could quickly apply that and add additional content for that hotel with the same level of authority as someone local to the area. 

London West End - Context in Content Fusion

Context clues within Content Fusion for the term “London West End”

The last test turned up the most unique result for inclusion in the content, where the context display proved to be extremely valuable to the content team. 

For this brand’s location in Chelsea, New York, these insights led the team to research the unique aspect of Chelsea to include topics about a variety of people. They would learn these were celebrity residents of the famed Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan. 

To optimize the content, this led the team to include additional content that is a huge part of the rich history and culture in Chelsea that drives authority for the hotel and helps users that are visiting this area choose a hotel.

Chelsea NYC Hotels - Conent Fusion

Suggested Topics Display in Content Fusion for “Chelsea NYC hotels”

These highly specific suggestions gave the team the confidence that Content Fusion AI-driven insights were lightyears ahead of other tools in the industry. 

Content Fusion Allowed for 5x Content Creation for 800 Unique URLs

Thanks to the AI-driven insights from Content Fusion, the company was able to quickly and expertly create content for 800 unique URLs 500% more efficiently and effectively than their previous pace of content creation. 

Not only that, but Content Fusion gave them a consistent, repeatable process that the entire team followed to maintain brand consistency and overall authority on their 800 topics, or 800 hotel locations.

seoClarity provides a way to organize content and target keywords into tags, so users can track their Content Fusion updates and wins over time. The brand continued to monitor the optimized hotel location pages and addressed fluctuations in rank over time to ensure the pages maintained authority in the SERP. 

If you’re looking to create content at scale with the level of expertise and authority that would otherwise take weeks for even the best content teams to research, Content Fusion has everything you need to grab your customer’s attention and improve your visibility in the SERP. 

Try our two-week free trial of Content Fusion today to bring this success to your organization, and create content like never before.