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    Analyze Your Content Performance With Expanded Adobe Analytics Integration

    Take control back with seoClarity’s expanded Adobe Analytics integration. Now, you can achieve complete visibility into all levels of your SEO efforts, including keyword-level data lost in Google’s move to 100% secure search. Our proven keyword data source and multi-layer, secure platform give you the ultimate clarity you need to make the smartest decisions possible.

    Optimize Effortlessly With Adobe Experience Manager Integration

    With seoClarity’s streamlined process, search marketers can effortlessly and instantly deploy changes to critical pages with a single click, eliminating time wasted skipping between platforms, and putting control back in the hands of the marketer. This first of its kind innovation allows for a two-way exchange of content between Adobe CQ5 and the seoClarity platform to increase efficiency and revenue.

    Collaborate Seamlessly With Your Entire Organization Using Adobe Marketing Cards

    NEW Adobe Marketing Cards allow for seamless sharing of data and analysis across your entire organization – something you can’t find anywhere else. Take collaboration to a whole new level, saving time and eliminating redundant processes. seoClarity is the first enterprise SEO platform to integrate with Adobe Marketing Cards, allowing for enterprise­-wide collaboration on SEO metrics. This synthesis provides the first real solution for viewing keyword data that was lost within Adobe Analytics due to Google’s move to 100% secure search

    See How These Integrations Can Take Your Seo To The Next Level

    When you see what the seoClarity platform can do, you’ll understand the true power of these groundbreaking Adobe Integrations!

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