Comprehensive Solution Allows SEOs to Mitigate Loss and Address Changes with Confidence

CHICAGO, Ill. (May 28, 2021) -- seoClarity, the AI-first enterprise SEO platform that provides all SEO data, metrics, and capabilities to deliver SEO results at scale, is unveiling their latest product, Content Guard™, which empowers SEOs to proactively and confidently respond to critical changes as they happen, rather than after they've already had an impact on their results.

Recognizing their clients' challenge brought on by several teams' involvement in site changes and the potential for a negative impact to SEO, seoClarity developed Content Guard as an enterprise-grade webpage change monitoring system. 

"We often hear from our enterprise clients about the challenges they face when a shift in rankings occurs," said Mark Traphagen, Vice President of Product Marketing & Training for seoClarity.

"Too often do we see SEOs left trying to determine what changed, who changed it, and why it changed, and that's what Content Guard sets out to solve.

Content Guard runs on seoClarity’s existing global scale crawl infrastructure and delivers granular change monitoring for clients by crawling client-specified pages. It then:

  • stores archival quality copy of every page as its crawled,
  • parses critical page elements and compares those elements with previous page crawls,
  • identifies what's been added, removed or changed,
  • generates alerts, and
  • allows for multiple custom options.

This technology allows users to easily monitor any page for every possible change, and custom monitoring and alerts provide SEOs with a way to quickly investigate the change in order to make informed adjustments toward improvement.

"Not only are we seeing users make updates quickly, but Content Guard gives them a way to address fluctuations with more certainty than ever before," Traphagen said. 

One seoClarity client who tested Content Guard agrees with its value.

"Recently, some changes were made to one of our most important pages, and I would not have known had we not been using Content Guard," said the client, who wished to remain anonymous.

"Our H1 no longer included our target keyword but because I immediately received an email alert from Content Guard, I was able to work with my team to find a new H1 that worked for all parties’ interests."

Additionally, Content Guard provides users with a way to track competitor pages, detect infrastructure issues as they occur on complex enterprise sties, and leverage a custom crawl feature to monitor if Google Analytics, Tag Manager or other tracking tags fall.

Current clients of seoClarity can begin using Content Guard within the platform to track daily or hourly trends depending on their use case and comprehensively monitor the changes being made across their site, including canonicals, AMPHTML links, hreflang tags, schema, and much more.

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