Update to Topic Explorer Makes This the Largest and Freshest Keyword Data Set Online

CHICAGO, Ill. (August 10, 2021) -- seoClarity, the only, award-winning, enterprise SEO platform that provides all SEO data, metrics, and capabilities without artificial limitations, announced the major expansion of their keyword data set, making it the largest keyword research engine in the world. 

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem with keyword research tools today became even more apparent to seoClarity: Search demand was changing daily, and with so many hidden categories in Google Keyword Planner, marketers experienced a blind spot. 

The company set out to solve that challenge for marketers.

“The new Topic Explorer blows the door off any keyword research tool available in the industry,” said Mitul Gandhi, Chief Product Architect and co-founder of seoClarity.

“We’re adding a billion keywords per month, with 28 billion terms already a part of the data set.”

Powered by seoClarity's proprietary Clickstream data, this upgrade to the keyword data set enables users of the platform to: 

  • Dig deeper to understand target audiences by surfacing more keywords based on topic
  • React faster to new terms and trends months before they are reported by Keyword Planner
  • Uncover hidden keywords and variations to understand estimated search demand
  • Plan further in advance with up to 24 months trended search demand to help uncover seasonality

“We work with thousands of marketers who cite the same challenge of using outdated data that lands them far behind their competition,” Gandhi said.

“It’s impossible to have the latest understanding of what your audience truly needs when your data lacks the latest and greatest information.” 

Mark Traphagen, the Vice President of Product Marketing & Training at seoClarity, added, “We’ve completely changed the game for keyword research by capturing billions of nearly real-time searches to identify exactly what marketers need to know: what their audience wants right now.”

seoClarity clients can immediately access the keyword expansion throughout the entirety of the platform. Interested parties not currently on the platform can sign up for seoClarity’s free version to get a sneak peek into the quality of the data.

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