Automatically Monitor Real Data Points to Identify SEO Issues and Opportunities

CHICAGO, Ill. (August 31, 2020) -- seoClarity, the SEO platform for enterprises looking to structure, simplify and scale their SEO, is unveiling their latest product, Actionable Insights™. An SEO assistant driven by artificial intelligence, Actionable Insights monitors and analyzes data to automatically identify site optimization issues and opportunities.

Mimicking the work of a human SEO assistant, Actionable Insights works to provide the user with an up-to-the-moment analysis of areas on a site that may require attention for improvement at scale. This product helps users prioritize issues and opportunities, taking the guesswork out of SEO tasks.

“Our own surveys have shown that over 60% of the time spent by SEOs is not on taking action but in compiling and analyzing data to uncover insights,” said Mitul Gandhi, Chief Product Architect and co-founder of seoClarity. “These manual efforts are incredibly cumbersome, hard to train on and translate across teams, and leave SEO as a siloed activity, with results dependent on the superhero efforts of individuals.”

Built on top of the ClarityGrid™ infrastructure, Actionable Insights taps directly into the massive, real-time data set that powers every aspect of the seoClarity platform. Using proprietary machine learning models, data is distilled and converted into prioritized recommendations, similar to the capabilities of an advanced SEO analyst.

Most of the tools like it address basic or outdated recommendations. Actionable Insights goes above and beyond with more than 150 Google-verified analyses that include hard-to-detect technical issues, issues impacting page speed, and advanced on-page SEO analysis at a scale that would take a typical analyst weeks to complete.

“Success in SEO involves identifying those hard to find issues and addressing the opportunities with a holistic approach,” said Gandhi.

Actionable Insights considers multiple data points, unique user intent, and keyword competitiveness while solving the challenge of assessing and managing SEO tasks.”

Clients of seoClarity can leverage the power of Actionable Insights within the platform and gain access to understanding of domain-level link analysis, usability issues, on-page optimization for topic relevance, page speed and load time issues, schema opportunities, non-traditional ranking opportunities, and much more. 

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