<h1> tags are a great way to add structure to a page. If there is a logical reason to have multiple heading tags for different sections of a page, it’s not a problem.

However, regular text and paragraphs should not be marked as H1s. If you’re looking to delete duplicate or unnecessary <h1> tags, here’s how.

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The Importance of an <h1> Tag

The <h1> tag helps visitors quickly and visually confirm that the page they’re on matches their intent.

Plus, <h1> tags can be used throughout the page as headings to separate and classify sections. This makes it even easier for a user to find the information they’re looking for.

Users aren’t the only ones receiving benefits from <h1> tag — search engines register the tag to better understand a page’s content.

How to Delete <h1> Tags

Before you delete your <h1> tags, consider their value to the page. Remember that <h1> tags can be used for the heading of different sections.

In this case, having multiple <h1> tags still provides useful context to a reader.

If the many <h1> tags aren’t used to classify sections, consider removing them. You may be able to do this through your CMS, depending on your edit access.

Should you not be able to make direct site edits through the CMS, the dev team should be able to help you remove unnecessary <h1> tags. 

How to Delete <h1> Tags at Scale

<h1> tags can be removed from your site in a matter of minutes with SEO execution platform ClarityAutomate. Here’s the quick 3-step process to get rid of duplicate or excess H1 tags.

1. Select what you'd like to optimize: Code

To optimize H1 tags, select “Code” in ClarityAutomate.

2. Choose how you'd like to optimize it: Delete

This fix calls for deleting a site element, as opposed to adding or updating.

3. XPath location: XPath of the <h1> tag that needs to be removed

Specify the location of the <h1> tag to be removed. Then, push your changes live.

Before and After

A few clicks in ClarityAutomate is all it takes to remove <h1> tags from your site.

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